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  1. I'm taking an unofficial, unscientific poll. How many of you would like to see the HU have a wifi receiver? I carry my wifi everywhere, so to me having the HU interface via wifi makes infinite sense. As far as working apps go, why on earth am I kludging apps through my Bluetooth of my phone? When I am at home and I want to upgrade the HU or download music or map points it would be awesome if it just talked to my network like all my other devices rather than loading stuff on an SD card. Now the new z150 with a USB/HDMI interface to the phone (I use android) may develop to get a lot of
  2. I drive a Ford Ranger PU which is kind of noisy in side. My z110 was stolen in Sept so I got a z140. I could not even use the z110, and I am using the z140 BT now, but it's still not great. If I/m on the freeway I end up taking the phone off the BT. So my experience, better, still not great though. I'm glad to see a better interface for Android though with HDMI, that is an improvement in the z150.
  3. That leaves us finally with just active noise cancellation microphones to talk about. There are not a lot of choices for this in your car but an active noise cancellation microphone combines 2 or more microphones, with the digital signal processing(DSP) unit required to take care of all the noise cancellation right in the unit. It outputs to the AVIC a pre-cleaned up mono signal. I haven't talked about what happens to the signal after it gets into the AVIC unit, and the AVIC is supposed to have it's own noise cancellation, although that obviously doesn't seem to work that great. With that
  4. finally there are multi-microphone units with active and passive noise cancellation circuitry. Multi-mic units are a lot like stereo vision in that differentials between microphones are measured and focused to try to pinpoint the source of a sound. In a simple 2 microphone set up, like the Parrot dual microphone unit, the signal directly in front of the mic, and directly behind the mic creates the strongest, and equal, signal on both mics and can be isolated. Isolation can happen with simple analog circuitry, or in more sophisticated systems with an active noise cancellation digital signal
  5. Some of the features I have listed out above may be handled by the Bluetooth software, which seems to be from Parrot, although I cannot actually confirm anywhere online that the AVIC-Z1?0 series really does use Parrot for their Bluetooth integration. Here is a break down of the first step. Lets start with the microphone. There are three broad choices for a microphone. non-noise cancelling Mic differential port passive noise cancelling Multi-microphone with active or passive noise cancelling A non-noise cancelling microphone is just what it sounds like, a very simple mic t
  6. The Mic issues have been talked to death, but are still an issue it seems. I'd like to review the process of the steps involved with using the mic VC and phone calls. There seems to be a lot of confusion about whether this is a Bluetooth problem or something else. There are actually several steps along the way from your mouth to the destinations "ear" whether that destination is a person on the other end of a phone call or the VC processing unit in the AVIC. If the forum thinks we should start a new fresh thread on this since it is more a technical discussion of mic issues then we can see a
  7. Well I'm still waiting for my new unit. I use my vehicle for my IT business so it is insured commercially. seems the process is a little slower and more involved for an insurance claim on a commercial policy than a typical consumer policy. An adjuster from Farmers Insurance was out to look at the vehicle yesterday, but he was there just for "vehicle" damage, and not electronics. He took pictures of the empty cavity to forward to the person who handles electronics but I have been playing phone tag with her since yesterday so I am still waiting. On another note, since I had my truck immo
  8. My wife went out to the car to go to work this morning and came back in to report that my car truck door was open and my Z110BT was missing!! Looks as if I'm getting a new unit.
  9. Literally the week after I buy the 2011 upgrade! of course!1 Has anyone queried Pioneer if this upgrade will work on z110 or z120 also?
  10. I just ordered the Z130 upgrade. $84 is a pretty decent price. I'm tired of waiting for the z140 upgrade.
  11. Any word out of Pioneer on the Z140 update?
  12. I was able to get the camera going. when stopped the map settings becomes availible and I could get the camera to show on the screen as the other members described. I have 2 problems with this as a solution to my wanting to see whats happening behind my truck (no rear view window) 1.) the camera is mounted below the bumper, just above the hitch. I love this for backing up to hatch up a trailer, but with it on while driving, it's so close to the ground you mostly just se pavement screaming along at incredible percieved speed. I think I will still mount a second camera on the top of
  13. I just tried looking to turn on the rear view camera while in motion and it doesn't let you on the z110. the map settings is greyed out. My project has been a little bit on hold. All my components have arrived but I've been out of town for work alot and we had a snow storm/power outage this last week.. Heading to San Jose today through the weekend. Perhaps next weekend wiil be my time!
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