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  1. ok thanks, so: 1/ shortuse for password 2/map 3/ tts (optional) 4/ speedcam (optionnal).
  2. Hi, do we have to install shortscript or not (this message let me understand that apart from transferring the files provided by godzilla, there was nothing else to do).
  3. For readers (in English): check here. basically, I told guizmo why the link has changed (not very interesting for you). For Guizmo (in french): Je n'ai rien supprimé du tout, j'ai voulu te faire comprendre que: 1/ faire un second thread alors qu'il y en a un de 40 pages dédié à cette map (http://goo.gl/BLpwvC) c'était inutile (sinon c'est vraiment le bordel) 2/ ne pas linker mon compte mega ailleurs que sur ce forum et de par ce nouveau topic mon compte c'est retrouvé immédiatement sur gpspower Si j'avais été jaloux ou un "méchant gars" (je n'ai d'ailleurs fais au
  4. This is my link: xxxxx original link, no account needed. Stop (or remove/block) this thread (useless / duplicates).
  5. for 930bt, you can upgrade without modifying anything (need 2.95GB Files o n l y !). for explain, please read just one page before (it's very very very^3 easy).
  6. http://bit.ly/1Xp3qws+ (old link, thanks guizmo & spijun for not respecting what I said). http://bit.ly/1UmCcSq (new link: NO relink please). pwd: http://pastebin.com/y2cCdzrE Please do not share these links elsewhere as they are from my own personnal account. If You want to share these files elsewhere, Please download them and reupload to your own account, but PLEASE do not share my own links anywhere. Do not to distribute this links outside this forum. You can clean this thread and redo a clean job, thank you.
  7. After 40 pages, is that someone can make a clear subject as was the case for "2013 version" thread (with direct link. Eg: use mega.co.nz (50go) or giga.gg (up to 500go for free)) ?
  8. hum, map of 2014 becoming available (here). it's time to make a new thread on the same model as this one (or old one here).
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