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  1. Default cluster size was 4096 bytes.
  2. After many tries, i finally succeeded with the update on my f930bt. Used a 2 gb sd for the shortfuse hack and after that the 8gb sd witch is always in my unit. I got at first the error wrong sd. After new format and freshly extracted update files the unit finally accepted the sd. The 8 gb sd was formatted as fat32/32 clusters. other fat32 my unit didn't accept. I hope its helpfull for someone. Many thanks at RonS and Godzilla!
  3. Thanks, confirmed update on a f930bt. Just download the files, use the password, put everyrhing on your sd (you get 3 maps) and put the sd in the car, start update. Worked like a charm! Can't see huge differents. Many thanx to the poster and the people who cracked it!
  4. new maps for 930bt (2015)

    Hi, On the pioneer site the new map updates are available. Is there anyone who has the new maps and is willing to share them here, so the whizzkids can do their work for us all?
  5. Hi all, Update works like a charm on a f930bt. Follow the steps in the post of Travolta and u will have the 2013 maps. Thanks for all the good work!!!
  6. Thank you, Very good instructions
  7. Hi Guys, Thank you very much for the files. If i unpack the 5 files i get one update 3,37 gb, right? in that update is a verinfo.dat. Do i need to replace the verinfo.dat with the one from pionara? than i put all the files on a 4 gb sd card and put it in the unit and the install starts automatically? Maybe its a good idea, to make a guide for dummies? just like last year? Again, thank you very much.
  8. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update

    Hi Guys, I've posted earlier in this thread about problems during the update. It's certain its not the update that crashed my system. I've brought my system to a repair center and there they've installed a new print in it. it was fried! Now with the new print everyrhing went smooth. So, now i can say, thanx for the update, you can use it savely. Greetz, Driverke
  9. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update

    Hi Pionara, Thanks for your response. Are there more people who had these problems with the update (looking here, it seems to be that i am a loner)? Do you have any suggestions? Can i manually replace all files? I have read about somebody who had the same problems after using hackmode.
  10. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update

    thx, i knew that u know a place where i can find them?
  11. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update

    Hi joss, Thank you so very much for your answers. Meanwhil i've got grip of the original files 3.001, the only thing is that they are from a x930bt (USA). Can i use them? But, first of all i will try your tips! Greetz, Driverke