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  1. Video resolution not supported

    Yeah I think that's a typo. I found other typos too. on some of the resolution sizes.. It's either a typo, or they mean kilobit not kilobyte
  2. Video resolution not supported

    Check the Manual, in the last pages on the appendix. it outlines what codecs and max resolutions rates etc. however, there is lots of discussion on here about what is best.. most people run xvid/divx @ 800x600. and average Video Bitrate around 800kbps, with Audio around 128kbps MP3 so that the total bitrate is around 1000 or less. I have an 8400 and I like to encode my videos into .MP4 (MPEG4 not h.264) 800x600 (or for widescreen 800x480) and MP3 Audio (Not AAC). I set some other options like de-interlace, but that depends on your source (I was capping TV programs from my DVR and the RAW stream is interlaced) I'd start there, and check out your manual... there are different specs depending on DVD rom vs SD card vs iPhone etc.
  3. Did you reboot your phone after install? Some apps if they have their own TV out might not work. I think Mike has a whitelist exception for these. (it'd be nice if the user could manage the whitelist). I have Display Out installed alongside AppEx, and I use the SBSetting DisplayOUT toggle to turn it on/off depending on what my needs are. For example. My Tom Tom navigation... I can only get it to show using DisplayOUT. No touch available to the head unit, but at least it's upfront in face better
  4. Cool. My guess is the power supplied was causing probs. Size of device usually doesn't matter so long as It can be formatted as FAT32 Glad you got it sorted out.
  5. Hey Mike. I can't find PreferenceLoader on Cydia. Any ideas? I still can't get Tom Tom USA&Canada to show on the head unit. Its almost like it doesn't background properly and loads on my phone but HU shows 'Please run the pioneer app on your phone' message. Even though I launched it from the head unit. Other than that most everything else is working well. Thanks for your hard work.
  6. Sorry Man I gave you bad info the fist post. Patriot is a good brand name. I don't think it's the USB failing. I read through the manual for your Head Unit.. On Page 136 in the specs for USB... USB Head unit USB standard spec. ..... USB 2.0 Full Speed <--- If your USB is rated for 3.0 it should still work in a 2.0 for backwards compatibility Max current supply ....... 500 mA <- However, USB 3.0 to fully function likes to have 900 mA power supply to allow for faster speeds this is probably the issue. Minimum memory capacity <- It'll still have enough power to load and recognize, but depending on the data it needs to deliver, it could be trying to draw more power then available from the Unit. If you can find an older USB stick, or verify that a 32GB one is USB2.0 only, these seem like the next options to test. ........................................... 256 MB File system ........................ FAT16, FAT32 USB class .......................... Mass storage class Decoding format ............ MP3/WMA/AAC/WAVE Detachable device USB standard spec. ..... USB 2.0 High Speed Max current supply ....... 500 mA File system ........................ FAT16, FAT32 USB class .......................... Mass storage class
  7. Video Files Not Shown From USB

    You didn't make a 2nd Partition on your SD card did you? The units can only read the first partition. Another option might be that you need to re-scan your SD card on the Head Unit. My HU has a DB button, that will index and store that catalog onto the SD card in the /data folder. if you have this folder, then you probably should try to see if you can either: a ) delete the data folder on your computer so it will rebuild the next time you load the SD in the Head Unit b ) Try to find the DB update command through the head unit to re-index your SD card, and see if that helps. Also, I believe only certain file extensions are recognized.. for example a Transfer Stream (.ts) file from a TV Capture won't even show up. but if I rename to .mpeg / .mpg it shows up and plays fine Hope that helps
  8. AVIC-X930BT won't play any video files

    Cool. I'm going to checkout handbrake. Haven't used it before, but your screenshots make me want to check it out.
  9. AVIC-X930BT won't play any video files

    Is your encoder h.264. Or MPEG4? I've found the same same resolution file I've converted (from FLV YouTube) only work in my unit if I choose MPEG4 over H.264. Even though my manual states it can handle h.264.
  10. AVIC-X930BT won't play any video files

    I haven't been able to see my pics or play iPhone video since I went to iOS 5.1.1. 5.0.1 worked fine.
  11. If it can handle 16GB SDHC then chances are 32GB should be ok. What's the make of the SD card? It could just be a compatibility issue with the HU and card. Have you tried playing a video to see if it can get through a larger file on the unit?
  12. Oh crap. Sorry I got them mixed up. you are right. Does your camera PSU have a toggle or reverse Switch or anything that might get reset.
  13. Honda Civic iPad Install 2.0

    Once the nexus7 and the surface RT come out, playbooks will drop in price and their 7" factor will be able to integrate into car dashes much better. Good idea on the vent scoops though. Although that massive display will for sure get you pulled over a lot easier if you live in an area that doesn't allow monitors while driving.
  14. Try reformatting the USB as FAT32 and if there are any bad sectors on it they'll get skipped and your data won't try to write to those sectors. Does it happen to every song or only certain ones?
  15. Radio stations don't get remembered

    Do any of your settings save? Or only radio presets Sounds like the CMOS battery is defective or your EEProm the settings are stored in is malfunctioning.