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  1. I have also experienced this issue. I don't think it's heat related because I live in Rochester, NY. Mine started as a single noticeable dot in the lower right corner and has now crept across 75% of the screen. It hasn't impacted the touch sensitivity. I understand the head units are far out of warranty but still very disappointed in Pioneers build quality of these. Will definitely hesitate to buy more Pioneer equipment after how hard the Appradio has failed me. The truly bad part of the screen issue is that it now has 0 resale value.
  2. So what's this junk PDF file you attached? It doesn't open on anything I've tried. Has anyone received their lightning adapter to test it out? I have one on the way from customer service. It would be nice to be able to use my appradio for something other than FM radio
  3. Is that on the original appradio or the appradio2? I'm just curious because my appradio2 boots instantly when I start my car. I wouldn't even use the phrase "boots up" with it, it just turns on with the car
  4. I tried it at 20 sec, 25 & 30 and even that seemed excessively long of a delay. I quickly reprogrammed it to 3,5,7 and it's worked 100%. Probably 3,4,5 would work too but it's not worrying playing with. Removing the dash again to rewire the green to always on is probably worth it, when the unit starts with no audio playing it doesn't trigger. Tried to load the Apps screen without starting music (ie applying voltage to the green wire) and the appradio didn't recognize the parking break as on. Had to back out and start the radio manually to get it to work. Might as well have a switch in that case.
  5. Install TR7 and relay today. I set the timer to go off at 3 seconds, 5 seconds and 7 seconds. Works everytime on the appradio2. Not sure why a 40 second delay would be needed. Also, wish I had wired the green wire on the TR7 to the ignition source instead of the remote wire. The relay only gets triggered if audio is playing (which sends power to the remote wire). Also when I unplug my phone, it kills the relay because it kills the power to the remote wire. The TR7 will trigger again once I start the radio or plug my phone. Not sure why I couldn't have plugged it into something that gets power all the time. Thanks for the suggestion on the hardware!
  6. I can confirm that the current beta of appradio extensions does pretty well work with the Appradio 2. The TV out can be a little flaky. Sometimes it will show the Appradio app on the screen and when it springs to load the app you've selected, the screen will go black and show the parking break warning. And sometimes it will spring to load the app and it will output just fine. Lots of re-springing and re-starting to get it to work properly someimes which is difficult while driving and time consuming with my iPhone 4 (not as bad with my wife's iPhone 4S). The touch works really well, I don't usually have that much of a screen mapping issues depending on the app (small touch areas are obviously more difficult). The known app switching bug can be a little annoying but the last few times I've plugged my phone in I haven't had the problem. My current biggest gripe isn't related to app extensions, but with the GPS antenna. Have it mounted on my dash in a Honda CR-V and basically get no signal. Once I unplug the iPhone cable, the app gets a GPS signal from the built-in chip right away. Not looking forward to taking the dash apart again to fiddle with the plug and location.