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  1. does this work for a f930bt 2?
  2. I updated the system with the latest maps and it still reboots sometimes. Does anyone have another idea?
  3. if you do a map update. the bluetooth upgrade is on the sd card aswell.
  4. Hi all, I have a F930BT. Most of the time the unit works perfect. But once in a while it shuts down and restarts. I have two questions and i hope you can help me. 1) Is there a way to find out if it is a problem in the software? 2) Does anybody recognise the problem and knows how to solve it? Any help is definitely appreciated.
  5. No it is not for the F940BT. last update is 2015.
  6. igo on f930bt

    i copied this from google. "Pioneerus is a software that allows you to use alternative Navigation software."
  7. Firmware F930bt

  8. much of the people here do not understand german. Maybe you should try it in english?
  9. http://www.pioneer.eu/nl/page/products/advanced-app-mode/compatible-android-devices.html
  10. in the top bar of your hex editor it says 0 to F the last number/letter is the one you start at the colomn. for example Offset 00001C24 code starts at colomn 4
  11. avic 930bt

    Check forums hacks /mods 2015 update
  12. tried it on a f930bt. but it does not accept passwordpassword keeps asking for pioneer password