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  1. Has anyone tried these yet?... I'll try the simple one tomorrow, the other I may have to see if someone could make me a female to female cable like that. Since the lightning cable will not carry video/sound through the 30-pin adapter. Do you think using a Lightning Digital AV adapter ( iphone5 end ) - HDMI/Data-cable in the middle - TO 30-pin digital AV adapter (headunit end) would work? Only thing I can find is a female on both sides 30-pin adapter to have the male end of the pioneer 30-pin connect with the 30-pin AV adapter. I am determined to find that adapter, or a second choice... simply see if using a lightning to 30-pin adapter can plug into the lightning to the Digital AV and hopefully have controls going over the wire versus the bluetooth. But the AR2 is set in that A/V mode to take controls over the bluetooth.. well we will see. Thanks! -James
  2. 2 AppRadio 3 Announced on Site

    I guess we all have a few options here. A.) Wait a few months for Pioneer to release an official firmware update for our DA100 units that would upgrade them to DA110. As Ive done with previous models like my 920BT that has been upgraded to a 940BT. B.) Go out buy a DA110. Extract the firmware off of the device. Make a deployment package for us DA100 users and we would have it before they release it. C.) Go out and buy a DA110. Swap serials with the units since they look the same anyways, and return it for a full refund and a new DA110 unit. lol The first choice being the most practical, the second choice may take some time and patience. The third is pretty much what I am guess you all will do anyways if Pioneer decides to turn a blind eye to the DA100 community.
  3. They will most likely release the firmware upgrade for. After all, I have a 920BT that has been upgraded 2x and is a 940BT. They are offering two version of AP3, one with and one without the DVD drive. I think it will take a month or two for them to release those cute little memory card for us to reflash with.. at a price of course.
  4. 370Z Install - iPhone 5

    I installed mine in my 370z as well. The little silver bezel on the AppRadio2 is nice and matches our HVAC knobs. I don't know if you had this issue either.. but I'll only have Pandora running with my iPhone5 and it just takes a shit where it doesn't show album work, or I cant see new titles or Pandora radio stations... sucks so bad to use this Bluetooth system with the appradio cause I have an iphone5.
  5. I guys I look all through the forums specifically for this topic being covered. I found many articles talking about people not being able to use the Iphone5 when PLUGGED IN, because the interface has changed from analog AV to digital AV in the Iphone5. I get that. What I am trying to do is use my Iphone5 through Bluetooth to launch Pandora, so I can app control it on the screen like I could with my blackberry, and my nexus android. I can stream audio perfectly fine from the Iphone but I am looking for that last little part where I as able to do it before. I keep seeing news letters from pioneer about an 'update' for the 2012 units they released to work with the Iphone5, wondering if that will help. Let me know if you guys found out anything. Thanks!