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  1. I'd like more too!
  2. I would donate to someone that has agreed to do this & actually posts here saying so, I will not be donating to an unknown entity that has made no commitment.
  3. It last worked in ios 6, I got an iPhone 4 with 6 & it would not run on my NEX 8000.
  4. I donated for a job well done years ago. I would not "donate to a group without actually knowing if they will or can do this" I'd suggest blanket attacks like this are not productive especially from a mod, however.
  5. I'd pay to use it like my AR3 on my NEX 8000.
  6. Anyone know if a 3GS on iOS6 will work? They are cheap on eBay.
  7. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    1.06 still on teh US site. http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Support/Downloads
  8. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    Spotify on both my 6+ & 5 (which I plan on using as a tethered iPod) has a huge lag.
  9. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    Got it going. Had to kill HDMI connector & attach via USB 1.
  10. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    Download is done, I have not been able to get the instructions. Do I need to freshly format the sd card a certain way/have the file in/out of a folder/name the folder some way? Thanks!
  11. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    Mine is still running, shows 9 minutes left. Cool Bummer guess I'm pulling the HU anyway. Mine is in an e53 BMW X5 It is not horribly hard, removal depends on the car it's in.
  12. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    Thanks! Can I use the SD port? I really don't want to have to pull the unit.
  13. Avic nex

    Finally released!! pages take forever to load.
  14. Pioneer Announcement: Nothing Works with IOS 8

    iPhone 6/6+ comes with ios8 & I am having no issues on my 5 with 8. It is still (yesterday) possible to downgrade to 7.2. http://www.idownloadblog.com/download/
  15. Avic nex

    Space pics are screen caps from here: The ISS has streaming live video up here: I have been capturing screens for a while. This is sunrise about 8pm pst last week 9apparently it happens twice as I have seen similar about 4am. lol Some others