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  1. Hi, i have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and i have used with F940BT with no problem since TODAY!! I upgraded my android device from 3.9 to 4.2.2 ....and SURPRISE!!!!! F940BT doesn't want to do pairing with My Note2. I suspect incompatibilty with Android 4.x devices..... any suggests ???
  2. Thanks to Travotla and frisk...last question... i have Pioneerus installed.... better to remove first...and then upgrade maps?? i think yes....
  3. Sorry, but too many topics..i didn't understand... for F940BT the procedure is the same of the 1st topic???? thanks at all... regards
  4. X930BT runs alternative navigation

    hi there, before proceeding to buy, i'd like to know some things: 1) which version of TomTom can be installed ?? (7.910.9185 for Win CE) 2) if u install TomTom or IgoPrimo....usb audio works??? 3)if u install Igo8.3...(USB doesn't works), CD AUDIO works??? many thanks regards
  5. Hi there, tnx to condi 4 hack!!!! I've an F940BT so ..the question is: 1) i backed up my original files:OK 2) when i'll install CONDIHACK and..if it'll works....what can i do with this??? can i upgrade my maps??? can i install another navi software??? if yes...hoe can i launch it, once installed??? many tnx regards
  6. F940BT..which update ?????

    Hi there, i'm owner of this system... i'd like to know the correct procedure for maps upgrading, IGo version, backup, etc etc... perhaps, this system is the same of some other model, so i can follow the procedures for that model??? Please someone help me, many thanks... Regards
  7. hi there, i've the AVIC-F940BT and i wonder to you the correct backup procedure for system is the same procedure of F900??? many thanks regards