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Found 13 results

  1. G'Day! Brand new here and have to say this place is awesome...........very glad I found a resource for my many questions and hopefully fixes to several annoying issues with my Pioneer unit, AVIC Z140BH. Bought a used Nissan Frontier that came with this unit installed. Great sound, happy with the bluetooth for my iPhone talk and music. Beyond that it has some serious drawbacks.........I have been rooting around reading a lot of posts making as much sense as possible but frankly coming up kind of short. The start/boot up time is way long, then you get all the annoying warnings you mu
  2. I just finished updating my avid z140bh firmware to 4.6. The vga adapter (apple) is connected to both the vga cable and the lightning/usb cable. My iPhone 5 is connected via lightning connector to the vga adapter. When I try to view videos or use app radio apps like waze and carbrowser app the appradio screen on the z140bh is black but I can hear audio via car speakers. Bluetooth is working fine as well. The setting on the z10bh are as follows. App connection: iPhone, iPod connection settings: vga Can someone help me get video and appradio apps to display correctly?
  3. Hey everyone! Just want to commend everyone's participation on this site. I got a new receiver yesterday, the AVIC-Z140BH, and had been worried about upgrading from my stock radio. I heard horror stories about upgrading in a late-model Dodge, especially the Challengers and the Nitro's... I think. Anyways, thanks to all the amazing and informative posts, I was able to install everything without a hitch. Wasn't easy, I'll say that, but I was also being a bit meticulous and extremely careful. Afterall, this Challenger's my baby. If anyone has any questions about this install, or problems I may ha
  4. After running through the syncing process, I'm unable to play Pandaro nor the iPod using the bluetooth feature located on the Z140BH. I'am able to make a phone call so I know it's synced. When I click on the bluetooth icon on the Z140BH it shows playing but no sound. I try to connect under the connect feature and it says "Unable to Connect" I'm using iPhone 5 OS 7.0.4. Pioneer V4.6. I've contacted Pioneer and the rep stated "They have no known issues". *** Does anyone have any suggestions???? ***
  5. hey guys, i have had an Avic-Z2 for the last 5 years.... i admit, i had quite a few problems with it, but i just accepted it. i didn't like the super slow input for destinations, how it ghosted out certain letters when typing things, and the super slow ipod interface. on top of all that, the GPS stopped working a while ago. i bought a brand new antenna, hooked it up, reset the unit, and it still didn't work... the motorized face plate is now super, super slow. i have to use my finger just and push it to make it move. that being said, it's time for a new unit. i have read SO
  6. I just finished installing this in my Subaru. The radio works - I am able to tune different fm stations & figured out how to set the presets ok. The gps works - at least it displays our location when moving. Not much else works. . . In the Nav mode most of the touchscreen 'button's are not lit. Ditto with the settings screen. I can select poi's that are programmed in but I can't, for example, program in an address to go to. The traffic function seemed to work last night (my son gave me a hand installing it at his house & I drove home). It would not pair up with my Iphone either
  7. Hi. I have AVIC-Z140BH instaled in my car (Ford Mustang 2011) and i want change a original map, i want instala a map from Brazil, I have map im my pc, because I copied from my old pineer (x910bt) using a test mode. I wanna know if anyone know how i can put this map in my new device (z140bh). Sorry for my bad english, because I'm Brazilian. I apreciate your atention Thanks
  8. hello all. I just recently purchased a z140bh. So far i love the unit other than the actual screen picture quality during video playback leaves me wishing i had my 5 year old flip out screen back. (or is there something im missing here too) main question i have is ive been reading that these have dual zone capabilities however i cant seem to find anything about how to use it or turn it on in the manual or online. does it have to be hooked up a specific way? my end goal is to make my headphone unit that sits in the rear of my center console be used as my rear seat audio output but i can
  9. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/air-display/id368158927?mt=8 I was dreaming of having total ipad integration with my avic z140bt as a dual screen type thing. What if the avic ran navigation while the ipad did facebook/ ipod stuff and you had 2 screens going. Or having it as a real 2nd monitor and having the navigation and app radio mode apps pan over onto the ipad screen? just an idea also, here's a really cool way to mount an ipad into a tahoe dash. Just sayin'
  10. My wife went out to the car to go to work this morning and came back in to report that my car truck door was open and my Z110BT was missing!! Looks as if I'm getting a new unit.
  11. Hello, I just got my new Z140BH and scheduled to be installed later this week, on my 2006 ML350, along with JBL MS-8. I would like to check with you ALL, to get prepared with the:- 1. Checklist of most common/popular Hacks/Mods for Z140BH 2. Checklist for testing the installation (especially the Installer is couple of hours away from my home!!!) 3. Can anyone recommend the good Installer in North Jersey, from your experience? I would highly appreciate your input and sharing your expertise. Thank you all in advance. Thanks, D
  12. I have an AVIC-Z140bh nav/dvd system in my car. I bought it because it said it was Android compatable. I have already had a little bit of difficulty transfering my contacts to the unit. But I finally figured that out. The thing plays Pandora through bluetooth easily, which was nice. Dvds and radio works great too. Again, had some difficulty finding the correct format to play ripped music videos on the SD card, but I even overcame that. So now my current problem is finding out how to connect my Droid Razr Maxx to it so I can play AppRadio, DashCommand, Netflix, YouTube, Waze...... Se
  13. Ok first off im still in Afghanistan for about 4 more days but i have an AVIC Z140BH waiting on me. Heres my questions and concerns so when I get home i can do this in a jiffy and move on to other taskings lo. 1) When wiring the harness where do i wire the reverse signal wire and is it pink? This question falls into my next question. Im trying to wire reverse camera up in a 2004 ford f150 and i want to have a switch where i can flip the switch down and back up camera comes on in reverse. And flipp the switch up and it comes on when driving. Can you explain to me what needs to be done to d
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