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Found 36 results

  1. iPhone / iPod Static

    Anyone having an issue with static while playing iPod or iPhone via USB? Big issues reported a few years ago in the Apple Forums. Had a JVC Deck and one of the few things it did well is play my iPod static free. My NEX 4000 from day one has had intermittent static issues. Rewired the deck, tried a lot of combinations of different iPods, cables and using USB 1 & 2. Nothing works long term. After a rewire I went months with no issues, then poof! It's back. Happens usually within a couple minutes of startup, and thankfully i can eliminate it by switching inputs, then back to iPod. Still annoying and maybe an Apple issue, but again, worked great on my JVC video deck for years. On a semi related note, since the carplay update the iPod will not resume play - it's on pause. Further to that, sometimes just says "ready" and there are no control buttons. Again I switch inputs and it loads up fine. Clearly the software is buggy. Again, I've used a variety of cables (including apple), different iPhones & iPods...problem is consistent. Any help or tips are greatly appreciated.
  2. I removed a 12-volt socket in my car and replaced it with a slick USB/ 3.5mm jack that looks close to factory. I plugged the iPod cord into the USB jack and completed the install. When I plug a USB stick into the jack, playback and lookup on the head unit work just fine. But when I plug in an iphone 4 using a factory 30-pin to USB cord, I can control everything on the phone like normal, but there is no volume. I tried this with two different iPhone 4 handsets and two different Apple brand cords. Same result. I turned the head unit volume up to 35, I made sure the iPhone volume was around 50%, but got no sound at all. Any ideas?
  3. help with pioneer z150bh

    Hello guys I have a pioneer z150bh and im loving it, I have added the playstation and a ipod for music and video what i need to know is that bright house networks allows you to stream your cable channels to your ipod via the bright house app similar to netflix i was wondering will this work just as netflix on the pioneer radio I dont have a netflix account so i have not streamed anything to my z150 as of yet
  4. iPhone 6 and iPod Classic 80gb

    Could use some help / advice / guidance... I had the AVIC-5000NEX installed today. It was installed to use both an iPhone 6 and iPod Classic. I'm having some issues. I assume it has the latest firmware since they updated it there in the shop (and he told me that's what they were doing). I don't have iOS 8.1 yet. Here's the issues I've run into... Most annoying one: If I'm listening to music via iPod2 (my iPod Classic), and a text message comes in, the minute I try to interact with CarPlay it switches over to iPod1. It never goes back to iPod2 even when I'm done listening, replying, etc. It doesn't do what I'd expect... mute/attenuate the music while I'm texting or making a call, but then return to playing the music on iPod2 when complete. Is there something wrong with my setup or is this just how it works? Most baffling one: Siri seems to like to not read messages correctly when they come in. If I text someone via Siri and a little while later they reply, she won't read their message... she'll read the last message I sent to them and ask me if I want to send it. Apparently this is an Apple bug, but it isn't something I've run into outside of CarPlay. She seems to do it randomly, but it also seems she's more likely to do it when the message is very short / one word. My husband for example likes to answer with one word -- "LOL" -- or even one letter -- "K" -- and those seemed to be more likely to cause the problem to occur. Anyone else have this experience and a work-around / fix? Least important one: I can't connect the iPhone via bluetooth at all. If I do, it won't "remember" that USB1 and USB2 are being used. What happens is this. If I connect my iPhone via bluetooth while everything else is working, all seems to continue to work fine. However, if I turn the car off, go into a store, come back and turn the car on, neither "iPod 1" or "iPod 2" show up or work. I have to disconnect bluetooth completely, delete it from the 5000NEX, and then plug in my iPhone and iPod Classic. Obviously, way too inconvenient to go through that constantly. My audio shop even called Pioneer to get some answers on this and apparently their answer was "just turn bluetooth off" when using both USB1 and USB2. My only other issue, which maybe me being stupid... how the heck do you turn down the volume of sounds coming through from the iPhone -- like text notifications? Siri, her volume is okay, but all the notification sounds are WAY too loud. I can't seem to access volume on the phone in the apps themselves (like messages) to adjust it while connected. Where it is? Where am I missing it? Thanks all...
  5. 6000NEX and iPod Classic

    I've installed my 6000NEX and it works great. I'm having issues with my iPod classic though. I'm using USB1 only to control and play audio. I SWEAR the first time I tried it, it worked. Since I've setup my Bluetooth with my iPhone 5, the iPod no longer works. The NEX recognizes it, and says it's iPod1 ready. And that's it. I cannot play it or control it. I have turned off the Bluetooth and still no go. The iPod even recognizes it is connected to a car. Under the About screen, it says Car Navigation 1.0 Any thoughts? Thanks.
  6. Since the last time I upgraded the iOS on my older iPod Touch, the playback controls will lock up unpredictably on my X940BT... and when it happens, the only ways to stop playback or get it to be able to skip between tracks is to either change the source on the head unit, or unplug the iPod. After that, it usually happens again within one or two songs anyway, so I just have to listen to the radio for a while. Awesome. As it's happening, the areas where title, artist, and album art appear are completely blank. The playback bar is blank, also, IIRC. Anyone else having this issue?
  7. Hello everyone. I currently own an AVIC 5000NEX. I got the correct RGB (VGA) adapter for the AppRadio mode. I am able to get the supported apps running but I get no video out of my iphone 5. I have read of people watching Netflix and/or watching videos on their headunits but mine starts to play audio from the video and the iPhone 5 says that the video is being sent to the TV but I get no image. What happens is that it shows an image of my video for a split second then turns to the AppRadio on the headunit and keeps playing audio. Any insights?
  8. I have the 140 BH and started having issues with my IPOD, that I leave connected in the glovebox 24/7. In the past it would always keep the IPOD charged and it would start playing my music off the IPOD shortly after starting the truck, which is a 2000 F350. Lately if the truck sits for a couple days the IPOD is dead when I start the truck. It takes around ten minutes for it to get enough charge in it to work through the headunit. If I turn the truck off the battery symbol changes from charging to just running off the battery about 5 to 10 sec after shutting the truck off. Can someone please verify if this is how yours works, or does yours stay in the charging mode when truck is turned off? I would sure appreciate it. I have also noticed that the stereo shop I used ordered a cheap China made cable and not the genuine IPOD cable that I wanted them to use. If something is wrong, I hope it is a bad cable and not the headunit itself. Thanks NCH
  9. z130bt needed, ipod,aux and usb

    Hello everyone, okay im new at this, so please dont bash. Ive done my research around, but never could find a conclusion on how to make it work. Im buying a z130bt, i want to have the ipod cable along with the aux and an extra usb. i read that most usb hubs don't work, and since the z130 only has one usb slot it would already take up the place for the ipod connection, along with the aux connection. i have a 08 Subaru STI (non Nav) and it has the aux in the center console, would i still have that connection or would the ipod take it away? would a usb splitter work to have two usb slots instead of the factory one? Another question which there have been many topics about, the android compability. i have the Galaxy S3, and i know that with the firmware updates you can connect it now but how exactly? is it only through BT? Thanks in advance everyone. PS: really sorry if this was already answered in other forums. Ive been reading up but ive never found a concrete answer; most forums people never returned to answer the question.
  10. Hi I have just installed my app radio 2 SPH-DA100 but the iPhone is not being picked up, just a greyed out iPod, apps and pandora icon. I bought an iPhone with 'No service' just to leave in the glovebox and have everything is connected/installed, app radio, car media player. Its iOS 7.0.4 and the head unit is the latest version. Charging the phone is fine. Anyone know what could be causing this? Would try a reset on the head unit but it is always greyed out! Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, Just purchased a Pioneer Appradio 2, installing it next week. I am planning on using an iPhone 4 for my ipod and hope to use one of the navigation apps too. Will I be able to listen to music on the ipod whilt using the app mode for my navigation? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Hi I recently bought the last App Radio 2 in a store for a smaller price as it was the demo unit and discontinued. I have it install in my Pontiac Vibe. I use an iPhone 5S that is provided by my employer, so I cannot root/jailbreak it for obvious reasons... I can jailbreak the App Radio tho , but I'm not sure if it is to get it better... When I bought it, the seller which probably never used one other than on the display unit, told me I could do navigation with the Map apps and that the iPod functionality should work even when I will upgrade to an iPhone 5s. Both assumptions proved to be wrong... So, since the Map app canot serve as a navigation tool, I think there is NavFree that can replace it. But it told me that I need some kind of add-on that I cannot find (don't remember the name on that add-on) in the interface. Any idea? Also, the CarMediaPlayer provided by Pioneer is really basic and boring at some points... I listen a lot to podcast in the car (on long trip, as a radio substitute) but I really miss the rewind/forward 15 seconds that I have on my iPhone interface. Is there a better app? Also, when browsing music or podcast, the app is showing every artists/podcast even if they do not have content (for podcast) or when the music is in the cloud (I use iTunes Match). Is there a way to have this app to show only the content available on the device? More on the boring side, how can we permanently remove the nagging messages about security when we start the car? I think it is very annoying that I have to remove the parking brake (which should be secured when on) to remove that message. Pioneer totally missed the fact that when on the parking break we are in a secure mode, right? From the available apps, I'm not sure which have any interest that I have not discovered yet? Not so many compatible apps are available... I saw it can work with a back-car camera, but the model suggested by Pioneer is very pricey. Is there a cheaper option? How about Siri? Last question for now: would it be possible to connect a standard iPod (32 pins connector) and my iPhone when I want it using some kind of USB splitter? When I got the iPhone 5s, I simply bought the Apple adaptor and used the provided USB cable with my own HDMI cable as suggested in this forum. So I still have the 32 pins available on the USB cable. I'll probably have more to come I guess...
  13. After running through the syncing process, I'm unable to play Pandaro nor the iPod using the bluetooth feature located on the Z140BH. I'am able to make a phone call so I know it's synced. When I click on the bluetooth icon on the Z140BH it shows playing but no sound. I try to connect under the connect feature and it says "Unable to Connect" I'm using iPhone 5 OS 7.0.4. Pioneer V4.6. I've contacted Pioneer and the rep stated "They have no known issues". *** Does anyone have any suggestions???? ***
  14. i want to switch av1 to ipod and video with out going into the settings this would let me play any video on my iphone like youtube, right now its a pain to switch it form the setting back and forth from av1 to ipod and video is there a way to a shortcut button
  15. I have a F900BT nstalled and the iPod seems to keep charging all the time even when it is fully charged and the F900 is powered down. This unfortunately is draining my battery. I had the unit installed maybe around 4 years ago but took it out and put the factory radio back in. Though I never had this problem before. It is the same vehicle, same iPod and same F900BT. I have 4.0 firmware installed with Daftia Hybrid mods 3.6. Maybe the firmware is causing the issue? I can't see how the hybrid mods would affect the power to the iPod. Is it possible to use Test Mode and modify the usb port to completely power down when the "computer" is off? I think you can do this with devices in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, but I am not very familiar with CE. Thanks for any help!
  16. Hi all! New to the forum and to appradio so if i ask a silly question, please just remember i am behind the times lol. So got the Appradio 2 and installed it y-day.. The unit looks fantastic but a few issues have came my way. First off i know there is a bypass for the parking break ie switch or relay but i just hooked it to the break for now. My ipod classic works fine for music but the video option is faded on the radio and will not let me access it no matter how many times i put on the break. i have the videos in the "movies" folder on my ipod. I haven't bothered trying a usb flash as i've seen on 100s of forums that it doesn't work anyway. My phone i have is a windows phone so i klnow thats also a no go, appart from the fantastic hands free it offers! I is out the box new so maybe a firmware update is needed? I have no idea any help you guys can offer would be amazing! Thanks in advance, Dan.
  17. 2 unrelated issues, but figured I'd post them in the same thread. I've had the Z150 for a few months now, and for the most part it's been great. A big problem I've been having, however, is the unit (since day 1) has refused to store ANY destination history. The history button is simply grayed out. That said, I was able to save my Home location, and the unit retains settings during power off/power on cycling, so it's not a memory problem, I guess. Is this happening to anyone else? Is it possible I just have a setting set wrong? The other problem I've been having is with my iPod. I'm weird, and still use the iPod Classic (albeit the latest generation of said iPod Classic). Once in a blue moon, the iPod will just hard-freeze, meaning I have to disconnect it and force-restart it. While it's frozen I can still hear the last bit of audio it was able to process before self-destructing coming out of the speakers, kinda annoying. This has never happened just using the iPod as a standalone device, or when plugged into my B&O Zeppelin sound-dock at home. Does this unit have shady iPod functionality? Anyway, other than that, the thing's been great. Just really hoping I can get these couple issues solved. PS: I should note that my unit IS bypassed, correctly.
  18. The CD-R55 only controls volume and forward backward on the ipod. What I really need is to pause / play the ipod with the remote. Are there even any IR codes available for these function?
  19. Appradio 2. Anyone know of a way to turn off autoplay (automatically plays the song in the now playing) when connecting the iphone and using Ipod or Carmedia Player? I have started to hate the first song in my library..... Didjit
  20. I installed my new appradio 2 this weekend and connected it to my iPod 4th gen with iOS6. I put the GPS antenna on the dash and in the middle close to the windshield. The navigation is so slow, it refreshes the location every 3 seconds or so and sometime it jumps to some random locations (not too far but no accurate at all though). Checked the location services and everytime was on. Checked the GPS signal in the unit and it is receiving 9 satellite signals (the orange satellites are 9 and no yellow)…. Does anyone have the same experience with this unit in terms of GPS with iPod?
  21. Hey everyone, Sorry if this has been answered before. I was not able to find it in search. Lately i've been listening to my ipod through my f7 and f9's in my 2 vehicles. What I realized is I want to be able to make on the go playlists like I can when I'm just using my ipod. When you hold down the center button on your ipod it will add the currently playing song to an on the go playlist. Is there a way to make my head units have the same action take place if I like the song playing and hit the center button on the screen? Thanks for any help. Mitch
  22. Would this work?

    Since there isn't any fix in sight for the Appradio2, does anybody know if , you had an iPod touch connected to your Andriod's Wifi (as a Mobile Hotspot) and connected to to the Appradio2, would it work? So basiclly your circumventing the Andoid issues by using an "i" product which has a ton more apps and seems to be working, but not going to an iPhone. We have been left for dead with everybody pointing their fingers at each other, I was hoping this would enable us to have a functional radio while we wait..... Thoughts plz..
  23. HI, I've installed a SPH-DA100 (Europe model with May Update installed) a few weeks ago in my MK5 VW Golf. All is going well, I only have an Iphone 3gs so I havent used all the features, however I only really bought the for the Ipod use and smart looking system. 1)In the past week I have my Ipod freeze up twice when skipping songs (160gb Ipod gen 7). and it completly locks the ipod with the Pioneer logo instill i manually do a hard reset of the ipod. 2)My reversing camera sometimes works, and sometimes doesnt. sometimes it will switch screens easy and quickly others it will take a good 10 seconds which is too long. Has anybody else come across this? i saw that there is a recently update available (however doesnt seem to be in europe yet!) Thanks Ashley
  24. I have had my head unit for about 3 months now, but I have had my iPod for about 2 years. I had a few problems letting it sync with my factory radio in my 08 silverado with the PAL connection, but I would just reset it and go on, no big deal. Since I have had my new deck, the iPod randomly restarts itself when the truck restarts and sometimes freezes, I just do not understand what it is. I have restored my iPod to factory settings, and everything that I can think of. When I did buy my deck, the guy at the audio shop threw in the iPod cable, but it wasn't the official Pioneer cable, do you think this is what could be causing me my problems? I really do not want to go shell out $40 bucks for a cable if it isn't the problem. Or if I just needed to go shell out the money and buy a new iPod? What do you guys think could be the problem?
  25. hey guys, i just installed my f700bt today and im experiencing two problems. 1. when i am playing songs on my ipod, as soon as it changes to another song, you hear a static-like noise. but it is fine for the rest of the song. I think my ipod cable is a oem pioneer cable. 2. I have my rear view hooked up and my reverse gear wire spliced to my reverse lights. but it does not automatically change to the rear view when i put the car in reverse. the camera works great when i manually chose to show the rear view camera. anyone have any solutions to these two problems? thanks!