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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I just installed a Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX. Since the backup camera didn't come on when I put the car in reverse, I did some changes in settings. However, now when I start the car all I see is a black screen when in drive and park or the reverse camera when in reverse. This is brutal. How can I get back to the main menu and fix this issue? I tried pressing and holding each button and also pressing on the screen but nothing worked so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello, New to the forum. Couldn't find any info on here about my problem. I installed a new AVH-X3800BHS last night along with a reverse camera. The camera receives power from the reverse light, and I ran a wire from the reverse light to the head unit (connected to the purple /white wire). It works great when I put the car in reverse, the camera turns on and goes off after the car goes into a different gear. Problem: When driving down the road, the reverse camera screen pops up and is black. I exit out of it and a few seconds later it comes back. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for it to come back. Diagnosis: I think what is happening is the wire that detects the reverse light and connects to the head unit is getting power when it is not in reverse. How I fix this I am not sure? Is there another wire that only receives power when in reverse? 2004 Chevy Malibu Maxx LS Pioneer AVH-X3800BHS -Camera: On -Battery/Gound (both work for reverse, but both have the same problem of randomly coming on while driving) Any ideas??? Thanks!!!
  3. AVIC x100 backup camera

    Hello all - first post. Recently my backup camera began acting strangely. The symptom is that the camera will come on when I enter reverse, but when I shift to drive the camera stays on. This worked for almost a year perfectly before this new symptom. Also, tell tale signs that something has changed - This seemed (keyword) to occur when Android Auto required an very recent update on the phone side. I know the two aren't technically connected, but it is coincidental. BTW - all this happened in the last 30 days or so. The screen on the backup camera used to be just the view of the camera. This was when it worked perfectly. Now, when the camera comes on, there is a symbol in the top left of a clock type icon, and and X in an icon on the top right. IF you touch the clock, the camera goes off, and things resume okay. then 15 seconds later the camera comes back on. Clearly this is a 'delay for 15 seconds' button. If I touch the X button, the camera goes off, and never comes back on. In the camera settings, you find the camera is now turned off - as if someone permanently set it that way. VERY odd! More notes, I took apart the dash and tested the backup sensor wire. It gets 12 volts always, and grounds when in park. This switches correctly if you shift in/out of park so not likely a source of the problem. Further info, When I first connected my phone to the unit last year, it was uneventful. It went easy and smooth for the android auto. Now, you have to be in Park to connect a new phone!? This is likely a change to Android auto right? I had to tear out the dash and wire up the Parking brake which I didn't do the first time around as it was unnecessary. I know you can just ground it out temporarily but I figured why fight it. I wired it correctly and reassembled my dash. Lastly, I saw an upgrade to 1.07 firmware on another post. I'm all for upgrades, but that 1.07 - is there possible value? Have other Avic 8100NEX users done it and feel comfortable? The lastest says "1.07G" is that what others have used? I don't want to upgrade if it could break things, and/or has no value for my problems listed above. Many thanks for your shared wisdom. JIm Shimota Happy with his Pioneer 8100 until recently. I use Android Auto, BlueTooth and USB connected Android phone, a Metra 70-5520 Receiver Wiring Harness, and a PAC SWI-RC Steering Wheel Control Adapter and it really does work great!
  4. Hello, I have an issue with an install Im not sure If im missing something. I have the AVH-X2700BS unit my main concern is with the reverse camera. The reverse camera comes with just a black and red wire so I wired the red into the Purple/White Reverse wire and the black in with the radio's ground. With the camera setting on "BATT". Now my main problem is that when initially turn on the unit and put the car in reverse it will go to camera mode, but when the car is put back in drive the camera view does not go away. it will just go to black, since the camera itself is no longer receiving signal. Does anyone has information on how this should properly function or is this just how it is.
  5. Does anyone know if the CAN-01.2 interface is sold anywhere nowadays? Here's a link with the wiring diagram: http://www.connects2.co.uk/Instructions/CAN-01.2.pdf But otherwise I cannot find anyone who sells it. I've tried Metra Online, www.installer.com, and sonicelectronix.com ... no luck. Thanks. John
  6. I have an AVH-P8400BH installed in a 2008 Honda Civic EX Sedan. I have a cheap backup camera installed. I have the power for the camera wired to one of the reverse lights. I also have the trigger from the Head Unit wired to that reverse light. When I put the car in reverse, the head unit doesn't always switch to the backup camera view. I'm trying to determine if it's an issue with the Head Unit or with the camera/wiring. It seems to do it more when the car's been sitting in the sun all day, but sometimes it works after sitting and the sun and sometimes it doesn't work first thing in the morning. Has anyone else had issues like this? Is this more likely a Head Unit issue or the camera/wiring issue?
  7. Hi, I found a reverse camera lying around in my house that wasn't being used so I decided to try and hook it up to my d3. The camera was made to be hooked up to a small monitor that it came with, which I don't want to use obviously. The only issue is that the camera has a red wire for power, black for ground then a 3.5mm headphone jack which was supposed to be used to connect the camera to the monitor in the corresponding 3.5mm jack. The d3 reverse camera input jack is an rca plug. I'm just wondering if it would work to just get a 3.5mm to rca adapter and hook that up or if I'd have to do any other wiring? Thanks.
  8. Hello, I'm looking for information regarding the location/color of the nearest reverse wire to Avic headunit on a 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L (no nav/res). Any help would be appreciated, Thanks! Jason
  9. Okay so i am Brand new to this forum, and it has been incredibly helpful so far. But finally i am stumped. I got my reverse camera in the other day and installed it exactly how i am suppose to. Oh by the way, i have an AVIC-Z130BT The hot wire is run to a constant 12V The ground wire is Grounded properly The video cable is run to the rearview camera plug (the brown one) And then there is a wire that turns to a hot 12V when the truck is in reverse, well this wire is run to the back of the unit to the reverse gear signal input. Butttt it won't work? I have checked EVERYTHING with a meter and it reads perfect, and the unit settings are correct too. The camera is turned on and i have tried both ground and battery settings. I don't get why it won't work. now i can plug the camera video cable into the camera input and select it from the scroll menu and it works fine, but i want it to work where i can shift in reverse and it come on automatically. Please tell me what is wrong and how i can fix it. Thank you so much. Tyler