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Is there any means to fix SD cards that have been rendered useless by an AVIC?

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I now have two 8 gig SD cards that are not recognized when placed in a card reader under Windows.  I hate to just throw them away as they cost 8 to 10 bucks a piece when you can find them new, plus it is simply wasteful and goes against the thinking of a tinkerer, there should be some way to bring them back from the dead.  Plus what does being in the AVIC do to them to make them this way.  Any solutions, clues, and insights are welcome.

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I don't really think there is much that can be done i think they go bad because of the heat and the cold of being in a vehicle

one thing you could try is to reformat the card but if it can't be read in windows maybe try Linux ubuntu but i'm not sure if it would still be able to be read.

i have an nex 6000 that reboots once in awhile and im wondering if the card is going bad?

I'm wondering if the card be taken out and copied in windows? before if goes bad.


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after inserting the SD card into the radio, a password is set on it. The SD card will not be read by WInodows. in the disk manager you will see a RAW partition. you won't be able to format it.

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