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z2 GPS Video

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after alot of painful debating ive just about narrowed my choice of getting the z2 and i wanted to know if anyone has any sites where i can see a video of the gps in action, i mean moving and giving directions not just idle like cnet and others do. Ive been searching for a while and i get so frustrated when i see the very few videos i find are all showing off the ipod and dvd playback, really now whats the point of a video showing off dvd and music from a receiver that is mostly focused on as a gps system, i know it does everything else well but i just want some video demostration of the navigation in action, any help would be appreciated.

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youtube has some videos of the gps with the z1 and maybe the z2


ive alrready gone through those, they dont show the gps in action just basically idle, i want someone going through a trip where i can see it in full action.

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Dunno about in action or anything....but here is a vid that I did up whn I was playing with a new HD camcorder that I got for X-Mas....I think I might have put the map on, dunno...My machine at work is having some issues for some reason and I can play the vid...I also believe that it's a stock Z2 image...I've just recently re-installed the updates with the my new HDD...





[edit] dangit...I finally just watched it...I didn't switch it to Nav view....maybe I'll try to go "around the block" once I get home.


[edit nombre duece] that was my old HD cam that I was going to fix(still may) until I got the new one...

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