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JVC Arsenal KW-NX7000 vs. AVIC-f90BT

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Navigation related problems:


1- In navigation mode, the speed limit doesn’t show-up on the screen and speed alert warning doesn’t work. I have properly configured them in the setting pages to have them work.

Both work on my unit. I adjusted the speed warning to the maximum 20 MPH.


Good for You, I'm thinking that Canadian users don't have that feature yet or the older map version has this.


2- Entering an address starting by street name then by city, doesn’t ask for the door number. If I start with city, street, then I have the door number available. My example was 175 Route 393 South, La Sarre, Quebec.

Not following you 100% here. It will ask for the address number after the street name but I don't think it will ask for an apartment number if that is the detail you are asking.


I'm not clear either! What I mean is if you start the search by steet name an then city, I can't go a step further to start the route. I'm stuck at entering the city. For the same destination, If I start with the city and then the street name, all works OK.


Bluetooth related problems:


1- The phone status box doesn’t show my battery level and signal strength. My phone has the capability of transferring that information since I had these info with a Pioneer F900BT. (phone is Samsung BlackJack II)

Blackberry 8830 shows both signal strength and battery level


Probably their firmware need to be upgraded to support my phone then.


2- In navigation mode, when I’m receiving a call, the call message box appears on the display for few seconds for me to pick-up the call and this is fine. The screen sensor makes this box disappear but when I approach my hand to the screen, the call massage box doesn’t reappear. The only way I can hang-up the phone is by using my phone or the JVC remote control.

Npt sure on that one, will have to try it out.


This is appreciated


Information from the unit


Model : KW-NX7000(J)

Software :


Voice :


Model : KW-NX7000(J)

Software :


Voice :

Looks like I need an update.


I tried to contact JVC by phone and by e-mail and no answers yet. Over two week now. Their supports really suffers. If you have any lead to give me, I'll take it.





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