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Instructions on how to install MioMap on AVIC-S1

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Here u can find instructions on how to install MioMap software, from TomTom, on AVIC-S1.

I made those instructions by myself. If u don't understand something ASK. I try my best to make it and explain how to do it.

Please write any suggestions on changes I can make in this instructions.

Here i the download link:

http://rapidshare.com/files/136130425/T ... 1.pdf.html

Here is the short video of the final result of installation:



Thanks and good luck.



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Hey PysiekChicago, good writeup for the S1.

I tried it yesterday, all is fine except I don't get a GPS signal. I changed the sys file to 4800 bauds but it didn't fix it.


Any other suggestions?



Never mind, I guess I didn't wait long enough. Caught the signal about 2 minutes after I posted the message.

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Instructions are very good. I have a good computer background so it was easy for me to understand your instructions.


Not sure if my dad could do it...


Once suggestion I have is I used a memory card reader that is USB 2.0, so transfers were alot faster than using the S1 directly connected to the computer.

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I got a generic brand one. It is supposed to read 26 different card types but I don't have that many.


I just went to my regular computer parts store and picked one from the rack. it was around 15$.


Just check that it reads SD Cards and that it is USB 2.0

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When i click on the FILE to download it, it takes me to RapidShare and over there it says,


Due to a violation of our terms of use, the file has been removed from the server.


I understand that but is there any other way i can download this file? :(


Please help me. Thanks

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