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How come you barely find any AVIC D3's on Ebay/Internet?

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I don't see many D3's on Ebay anymore. Once you filter out the ones that need repair, advertising bypasses, just NAV DVDs, etc...there's only a handful on there. I would think there would be a lot of refurbs on the market.


I'm thinking about trading in my SUV which has a D3 in it, and just buying another one to go in my new vehicle because my wife loves it. I would take it out of my old SUV, but it would be a pain to replace the dash, factory radio, etc...(which may end up costing more then a D3). But now that I see there's barely any on ebay or internet sites, I guess it's worth the trouble.



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I considered throwing mine on ebay right after the F-series hit, when there were a ton of them on ebay...but I decided to stick with the D3. However, you're right...I was looking for a D3 for a friend and there were only two on ebay, one that wasn't working.

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Yeah, I decided to go through the trouble of taking the D3 out and installing it in the new vehicle. I was even able to integrate it with the factory DVD/Rear Monitor system :D


I will put a cheap replacement (some $175 Chinese made model on ebay) in the old SUV and sell it privately.


I love the D3 and it's probably the longest I've held on to a radio.

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