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    Also, if you choose to "hide" the navi display, it will show your navi background. The navi prompts will still pop up whenever you have a change in direction coming up.
  2. D3+btb200=3gs work?

    To elaborate on what VBlUE mentioned, make sure your cable is in the right port on the bluetooth module. It fits in both the input and output. You need to be plugged into the output. One thing I've noticed is that the phone doesn't always use the BT module for sound after making or receiving the first call. The first call always defaults to bluetooth, but subsequent calls vary. Once in a while I need to change the source from "phone" to point it back to "bluetooth."
  3. Calculating a route

    I don't believe mine does this, nor has it ever. Also, I've never seen a setting to change anything in this regard.

    I'd recommend spending a little more and getting the bluetooth module. My 16Gb iPhone 3Gs and 16Gb iPod Touch 2nd Gen work great via bluetooth.
  5. Are you using a burned map disc? Others have had that fail over time, causing that issue.
  6. D3 RCA Harness

    Are you sure no wires have been rubbed bare on something metal?
  7. This doesn't work for me either, but I haven't really looked into it too much. I wish there was a fix, b/c unlocking the phone and pressing next track is a PITA while driving.
  8. Perform bypass and retain OnStar muting

    This has been posted before, but nicely written. I had to do this a couple years ago and it worked like a charm.
  9. Phone Capatibility Updates

    So the D3 finds the phone, or the phone finds the D3?
  10. Cant fit it back in the hole

    My thoughts exactly....lol Seriously, you need to try to move the RCA cables and other adapter boxes around back there, if used. If it fit before, it will again... ...and that's what SHE said.
  11. That's the problem. You don't want to read for your answer, which is undoubtedly posted somewhere, so you post YET ANOTHER THREAD about iPod compatibility.
  12. D3 modules for 2003 Sierra

    You need the PAC Audio SWI-PS for the steering wheel controls. Not an easy unit to get to work correctly or long term. For the Bose/Chime adapter, check out Metraonline.com...you're going to need a GMOS-LAN-XX unit, where XX is 01-04.
  13. Error-11 IPOD

    Error 11 says iPod needs to be charged, but I'm guessing that's not the issue in your case.
  14. Glad you got it figured out. Sorry we couldn't help out.
  15. According to the manual, it says for Error Code 11: Cause: Connected iPod with no charge. Action: Turn "iPod charge" option to "on" or connect a charged iPod. I'm assuming your iPod is charged, though...?