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New IR receiver for AVIC (Adds wireless remote control!!!)

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Recently @ CES 2010 PAC released a product that gives the avic z110bt (and others) the ability to use remotes. No lag and if used with the correct remote then it also allows activation of the voice function right from the remote!Not sure why pioneer removed the IR but this little add on from PAC is just what I was looking for. Part #: WRI-P works best with (CD-R510). This product completes the unit by giving it what it should have had in the beginning!

PS. I love this forum, thanks to all Mods and members on this site!

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Ok just talked to PAC Audio about this and it is available on their web site right now. Click the following link below for more info. Also is a link to the PDF installation manual. Apparently it is a simple install and actually can interface with an SWI-PS as well. Also, apparently the module is compatible with the CD-R510 remote but my guess is it will work with most other currently available Pioneer remotes.


http://www.pac-audio.com/productDetails ... egoryID=29


http://www.pac-audio.com/PACProductData ... 111709.pdf

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The (cd-iu50v) and (CD-R510) are the same remote. The cd-iu50v is the one that comes with new units and the CD-R510 is the one that can be purchased seperate. What I was told is that older remotes will have some functionality (ie. volume, track, and mute), but the CD-R510 gives the added benefit of initiating the voice control feature, which is what most people are trying to do with their steering wheel controls. I installed this last night and I can tell you that it works perfect. It does work with my old remote, however I puchased the CD-R510 for the voice activation feature. The Z110bt was not listed on the compatability chart, but believe me it is compatible. This unit comes programmed so all you need to do is wire power and ground, plug it in, and enjoy! Hope this helps all those missing remote control functionality!

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Ha Ha, yes I wrote the wrong part number down before work this morning. Sorry bout that!! I purchased the unit in Lubbock Texas at a place called Custom Soundworks. The owner saw it at CES and told me about it. He called his rep from PAC and had it shipped from PACs main plant in California on Monday. I am sure it will work with all remote controls, I was just saying that the rep said it worked best with the 510 for voice control thats all. When I called PAC for my friend yesterday they told me there was no such thing ever even talked about or in the works. I told the guy I had it in my hand , then the dumb@$$ told me it must have been another company that I got it from (ya with the same name!!). Sounds like they need to update some sales reps at their call centers!!! haha. I am glad that the store I got it from knew the right people at PAC who know their products. I will try to get some info on how to get this product into consumer hands.

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Wow... just wow...


So, last week I ordered the civic OEM steering wheel audio control buttons so that I could outfit my car with steering wheel controls, JUST so I could have some form to control this unit other than by hand. I've had remotes all my life, so not having one on this was a PITA.


I spent last weekend wiring up the PAC SWI-PS and couldn't get it to work due to issues with the car's clock spring. Bypassing the clock spring, however, it works just fine. Tomorrow was my 'troubleshooting day' for the clockspring to figure out what the heck is going on.


Then, I come here looking for schematics for this headunit and see this thread. Imagine my shock.


I feel like I've just gotten the worst case of pwnt ever!


Thanks, OP for the heads up.


FWIW, I found one here for $40 shipped:

http://cgi.ebay.com/PAC-WRI-P-PIONEER-W ... 3efbf9e8c3

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The most stinging part about all of this?... I paid about $105 to set up the SWI controls in my car ($63 for the OEM buttons, and $42 for the PAC swi-ps). I spent about 5 hours last weekend diagnosing my car's clock spring to no avail. I spent about 2 hours testing it on the bench to make sure it wasn't the pac piece itself.

Was going to spend the majority of my day tomorrow doing more testing on the clock spring.


Then I saw the receiver on e-bay for $40, and just ordered my remote for $45 as well. So, I would have saved $20 and at least 7 hours if I had waited a week. Go figure, right?



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