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Confirmed: Generic DivX format for SD avi and DVD DivX

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Wrong, Naughtyca


Verified Hamster Ipod Classic setting even at 320x240 resolution that it is, skips like hell... while the file does play I tried SD USB and DVD.... that isn't the correct way of transcoding.


Who has solid information of max native resolution that can be run, and the max bitrate at that resolution.


for example.


320x240 aac i had smooth playback at 1700 video plus audio which peaks around 2400 VBR. off USB stick. so the manufactures 1000 max bitrate is way conservative.


I've been converting files via roxio creator 2011 using mpeg4 320x240... I can't get any other resolution to even start to play. 720x404 NO GO... I followed every step from above and tried various resolutions. even 640x480 NO GO, 640x404 NO GO...


Where's some solid information... I've given solid information that the 1000 bitrate cap is crap so lets get some more details of what this thing can do and stop floating mediocore information.


We buy the z120bt's because we look for perfection, why convert your files using programs with everyday begginer preset with garbage quality video.

Not sure how your going to tell me wrong when i converted at this time over 400 music videos on multiple 8gb sd cards and all are playing well.

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I convert bluray to mp4 used Handbrake' normal profile with recommended by m3fan in here : http://avic411.com/i...ard-procedures/ . You should try .

I'm so dump to use SD card class 4 at first then movies take forever to load . Lately i use class 10 card with 20mb read speed then every movies load immediately.


For anyone who is unsure, this leads to the correct information.


To Everyone out there:


I have a Z120BT,


I've spent quite a few days and FINALLY "REALLY" figured out what the problem is with playing videos from USB or SD Card.


Everyone on this site keeps saying it's the bitrate or resolution: I can only agree with a few or some.

In general it's not very confusing if ONE were to refer to the Pioneer Manual on Page 210,


It specifically says: for all USB or SD "VIDEO" playback you must have the following:


(1) For .Avi extensions: you MUST use "Mpeg4" as your video codec. Please, "NO DIVX" and then follow the appropriate bitrates and resolutions according to Page 210.


(2) For .Mp4 and .M4v extensions: you MUST use again "Mpeg4" or "H.264" as your video codec. Please, "NO DIVX" as the codec and follow the appropriate bitrates and resolutions according to Page 210.


(3) Last but not least, For .WMV (which some guys on the site says it's not possible), use ONLY "WMV" as your codec. Again, "NO DIVX" as your codec and also follow the appropriate resolutions and bitrates.


** I personally make it simple: .mp4 extension (with Mpeg4 as my codec), and 768Kbps as my Bitrate, and 320Kbps for Audio bitrate (great sound btw), and I've used up to 640 x 480 resolution (looks great on the screen).


Hope this helps. Please be reminded that different encoding programs: for example, DVDFab 8 versus, WinXDVD Ripper versus Any Video Converter, all have their OWN style of representing the encoding. Get used to the program first. I personally use "Any Video Converter", and it works great!


Enjoy Guys! or Gals!


Hope this helps!

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I use Handbrake 0.9.5 on Windows 7

Z130BT with a 32gb Dane Elec Class 10 SD Card DA-SD-1032G-C


The "iPhone & iPod Touch" profile seems to work well as a starting point, I think it has something to do with the B-Frames, but I'm far from an expert. I'm listing all the settings I have changed and the section those settings are in.

My source file is a direct rip of my DVD movie to my hard drive using DVD FAB. (VIDEO TS, AUDIO TS Folders). Output is an MP4 file using a H264 encoder



Width = 368

Height = 208

Cropping = None and I set top, bottom, left, right to zero


Video Filters

I leave this section alone



Average Bitrate = 768

Two Pass encoding checked



Make sure your source track is in the language of your choice

Mixdown = Stereo

Sample Rate = 44.1

Bitrate = 192



Forced Only = Checked


Obviously, these aren't all the settings possible on Handbrake, but these are the only ones I changed from the original iPhone & iPod Touch profile. Also, not all of the changes are necessary to output a playable file, but these are the ones I've had universal success with. Audio/Video sync is fine, picture quality for the small Z130 screen is fine and the files are small enough that I have put about 30 movies on the one SD card.


I experimented around with other settings, mostly bitrate (800kbps, 850kbps, 900kbps) and resolution. Some have worked, some haven't. I've landed on the settings above which, I think, maximize the picture without disrupting the aspect ratio and give decent audio/video quality. I'm sure there are higher quality settings out there, but these work fine for me.

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I can confirm that these video settings can be played on an SD card.


The maximum video bitrate is around 1000kb/s. There is also a size limitation of around 1GB. Any video bigger than 1GB won't play. Also, I believe any resolution larger than 640 X XXX and it won't play.



BITRATE: 975 kb/s


BITRATE: 128 kb/s


I use AVS Video Converter to encode my videos.


Just wanted to thank rgarjr for this post, even though it was a couple of years ago :shock:


It tried these settings with AVS Video Converter on my AVIC-Z140BH and it works perfect!!!!

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Just wanted to thank rgarjr for this post, even though it was a couple of years ago :shock:


It tried these settings with AVS Video Converter on my AVIC-Z140BH and it works perfect!!!!


Have you tried no formatting on the sd card, ie straight from you tube or movies downloaded? not sure if Pioneer has fixed this issue

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Had been using TMPGEnc for the longest time and after the Z130BT update (on Z110BT hardware), started having audio cutout issues on some videos.
Finally got off my a*s and played around with Handbrake. These are the maximum possible quality settings that work.


NOTE : The video width should always be 640, and the height in proportion to that (ie. aspect ratio of the source video is maintained). A 4:3 source video would be encoded as 640x480, a 16:9 source video would be encoded as 640x360.







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I just bought my wife an AVH 5600BT and it seems like Pioneer went backwards since i cannot play any video on the usb cable now and before any download movie can be played thru DVD burn and now it seems like you need to format that too a lower resolution, if i only knew 

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