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Stability issues since 3.0, could reinstalling help?

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I've got a stock F90BT with hardware bypass and no other mods. When I was running 2.x, it was perfectly stable. I bought and applied the official 3.0 upgrade. Like many others, I had at least one failure/continue dialog during the process, but the update did complete. Since then, I've had various stability issues, the main one being that when the unit initially boots, about 1 out of 3 times it will do the splash screen and XM audio begins, but it appears to briefly go to the XM screen (where I left it), then blanks out and appears to do at least a partial restart (once), and the audio keeps playing. When it finishes the restart, it comes up in a screen other than the XM source, but I can back-arrow a couple of times to get back to it.


A difference from 2.x behavior, which I suspect Pioneer thinks is a feature, is that if I have a thumbdrive plugged into USB at boot, the unit will automatically select that source regardless of what source it was previously on. In 2.x, at boot it stayed where you last left it. Since my USB cable feeds into my glovebox, this is a major pain in the butt since I effectively cannot leave the thumbdrive plugged in anymore. It's large, so it takes awhile to index, meaning that when the auto-source happens, whatever source I had selected cuts off and there is silence until the thumbdrive comes online, then I can swap back to the original source.


The only feature I really wanted out of 3.0 was the north-up map display; for the most part, this "upgrade" has been a downgrade for me.


Questions: can I reload the 3.0 upgrade, working under the assumption that perhaps something didn't "take" on the first effort, or will the unit note that it's already at that revision level and just punt?


Do any of the assorted hacks (Diaftia et al) avoid the issue with the source swapping at boot-up? I've been debating applying one of them anyway, and this would certainly give more impetus to that effort. I suspect that the swap is due to a WinCE change rather than the nav software though.

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I am having similar problems but they are bizarre. I get lock-ups and the reboot loop. It only happens on freeways, not surface streets and in similar locations on the freeways I travel regularly. I can't help but think that it has something to do with what is being written to the screen. I have tried the various deleting of files that is recommended in the forum. Here is what I plan on doing on my next day off...If anyone has any other ideas I should consider, please let me know:


Reinstall 2.0 using the clean files available on the forum

Do the 2.06 upgrade

Do the 3.0 upgrade

Install Diaftia's mod (Besides being a great mod, it is the only way I have found to disable the highway signs. My initial observation was that it locked when these signs appeared)


Any ideas for anything else?

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