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    Well I got it un-bricked following biker's advice on holding the resets for 20 seconds or more. I am back at 2.06 and it seems to be working ok. Now I have to decide if I should load up the unofficial 3.0 upgrade or leave it alone now that it is working...any thoughts?

    I tried the steps outlined by Biker90. After step 7 the unit would not restart. It would go to the "Pioneer Screen" and just sit there. After a very long time, I tried hitting the menu or map button. It would go to the initial screen (the one with destination, etc) and stop there. Tried each type of reset but no joy. I tried to get into Windows CE via test mode and it would go to the Windows CE blue screen then immediately go black and the whole unit would shut down. I have done all manner of trial and error I can think of but nothing is working. Anybody have any ideas?
  3. Thank you.. You put a lot of work into this. I've done everything you mentioned except you have one additional step. I have not seen the 4shared_desktop file before. The next chance I get I will follow your instructions and see if that file makes a difference. Thanks, Don
  4. I did the "unofficial" upgrade to 3.0 as I did not want to pay for the upgrade until I was sure it worked. I have had the reboot, lock up problems many others have had. I have since gone back to 2.06. My system is the f90. I have gone through every post in the forum and tried the solutions I found such as deleting files and folders. I have done a clean 2.0 install from the files on the forum, done the 2.06 upgrade then the 3.0 upgrade. I still have the same lockup and reboot problems. Has anyone been able to resolve these problems with the official upgrade. I don't mind paying for the upgrade, I just want to make sure it is going to work before I do. For me, so far, it doesn't look like it will.
  5. I am having similar problems but they are bizarre. I get lock-ups and the reboot loop. It only happens on freeways, not surface streets and in similar locations on the freeways I travel regularly. I can't help but think that it has something to do with what is being written to the screen. I have tried the various deleting of files that is recommended in the forum. Here is what I plan on doing on my next day off...If anyone has any other ideas I should consider, please let me know: Reinstall 2.0 using the clean files available on the forum Do the 2.06 upgrade Do the 3.0 upgrade Install Diaftia's mod (Besides being a great mod, it is the only way I have found to disable the highway signs. My initial observation was that it locked when these signs appeared) Any ideas for anything else?
  6. 3.0 Feature List

    Thank you, that makes sense.
  7. Is there a thread that talks about how to edit the locations of the speed cameras. There are several indicated in the gps that don't exist on the actual street. I tried the delete button but that does not seem to work.
  8. 3.0 Feature List

    I've noticed a few things in 3.0 that I never saw before. One road had flashing yellow lines parallel to it on both sides with small yellow circles with the number 30 in it. This road is not under construction and the speed limit is 45. I see this at all times of the day including 5:30 am when there is no traffic. Also, on freeways I see a bunch of green dots. They don't seem to correspond to anything except maybe off ramp starting and ending points. I was wondering if there is a pdf or file somewhere that has all the changes 3.0 delivered. I searched the forums and there wasn't anything that I could find.
  9. 3.01 Upgrade

    I just got a little lost...I've seen in posts that several people with f90bt have done the 3.01 upgrade. am I misunderstanding? Should I apply this 3.01 upgrade you included the link for to a f90 if I already have the 3.0 upgrade? Sorry, don't mean to be dense...but probably, I am
  10. Thank you, that page says that it includes the 3.0 update...does it include the 3.01 update as well? Somehow I thought this was a separate download...am I wrong about that?
  11. AVIC F900BT - Continous Reboot

    I have had exactly the same problem since doing the 3.0 update. I have followed the advice from Smovva and Vegaslaptop but neither solution has worked. Has anyone come up with a solution to the reboot cycle problem? Don
  12. 3.01 Upgrade

    Hi, I have done the 3.0 upgrade and have seen references to a 3.1 or 3.01 update. I cannot find any reference to this update on Pioneer's site. The only references I can find to it on this site don't mention where to get it or the links referred to are broken. I have the F90bt. The 3.0 upgrade went great, thanks to all here for there help. Is the 3.01 update for my unit? Do I need it? Where can I get it? Thanks in advance folks. Don
  13. Official 3.0 Update Tutorial

    I have not been on this site in a long time and was surprised to see the information about the 3.0 Upgrade. I have a F90BT. When I went to 6th Ave as some of you have recommended, the only Pioneer upgrade I can find is described as "Pioneer CNSD-150FM Map Upgrade for AVIC-F500BT Navigation System". Is this the one I want for the F90BT or is there another one I have not yet found. Thanks in advance, Don
  14. Official 2.0 Firmware Opinion/Results Thread

    For my part: Boot improved like everyone else Bluetooth with Blackberry Pearl flawless now - didn't work before at all IPOD doesn't lose connection Problem 1: VR does not work when it did before. Will not recognize a call command, will not read all IPOD commands past initial few words: IE: Play the Artist Chicago becomes playing all artists. Problem 2: Volume button functions are inconsistent: (May be tied to #1 above). Does not mute, does not always bring up the VR menu, erratic when zooming in map, sometimes doesn't, sometimes zooms the wrong way, sometimes zooms too much. Volume works fine, next and previous track works fine. (This was not a problem before 2.0 update Problem 3: Darn gas station icons (MSN) are still there