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  1. FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

    This likely means that it thinks you have a backup camera and that the car's reverse gear is selected. I haven't been on this forum in about a year, so I've forgotten all of the details. Since you don't have a camera connected, you get effectively a blank screen with the warning that the view is reversed (since it would be from a rear-facing camera's perspective). As I recall, the headunit has a wire that would normally be attached to the backup lights circuit in the car. That signal is what it uses to decide that you are in reverse. There may also be some sort of menu option to enable/disable that feature. Can you get to the menus when it's in this screen?
  2. Start-up Problem - Please Help

    This one actually sounds like it has selected the backup-camera as a source, and you don't have one (does the 700 support a backup camera?). See if you can get to the Menu and disable the camera input. Also, I seem to recall that there is a wire that normally hooks to the backup lights signal in your car to automatically turn this on. If you left that wire loose when you hooked stuff up, perhaps it has moved around in the dash and come into contact with a 12v source.
  3. I've got a stock F90BT with hardware bypass and no other mods. When I was running 2.x, it was perfectly stable. I bought and applied the official 3.0 upgrade. Like many others, I had at least one failure/continue dialog during the process, but the update did complete. Since then, I've had various stability issues, the main one being that when the unit initially boots, about 1 out of 3 times it will do the splash screen and XM audio begins, but it appears to briefly go to the XM screen (where I left it), then blanks out and appears to do at least a partial restart (once), and the audio keeps playing. When it finishes the restart, it comes up in a screen other than the XM source, but I can back-arrow a couple of times to get back to it. A difference from 2.x behavior, which I suspect Pioneer thinks is a feature, is that if I have a thumbdrive plugged into USB at boot, the unit will automatically select that source regardless of what source it was previously on. In 2.x, at boot it stayed where you last left it. Since my USB cable feeds into my glovebox, this is a major pain in the butt since I effectively cannot leave the thumbdrive plugged in anymore. It's large, so it takes awhile to index, meaning that when the auto-source happens, whatever source I had selected cuts off and there is silence until the thumbdrive comes online, then I can swap back to the original source. The only feature I really wanted out of 3.0 was the north-up map display; for the most part, this "upgrade" has been a downgrade for me. Questions: can I reload the 3.0 upgrade, working under the assumption that perhaps something didn't "take" on the first effort, or will the unit note that it's already at that revision level and just punt? Do any of the assorted hacks (Diaftia et al) avoid the issue with the source swapping at boot-up? I've been debating applying one of them anyway, and this would certainly give more impetus to that effort. I suspect that the swap is due to a WinCE change rather than the nav software though.
  4. Connecting iPhone via bluetooth

    No big help, my 1st gen iPhone works fine with my 90BT. Perhaps try tunring on the iPhone Bluetooth after your 900 is up and running. It may not notice if the phone is already there when you have it scan to pair with new devices. I don't remember doing anything special in particular to get mine to pair the first time. Now it just does it whenever I get into the car when it recognises the phone. As I recall, you do have to tell the iPhone to allow the pairing. My 90 is running the Pioneer 3.0 software.
  5. Sirius or XM with F90BT?

    Sirius and XM overlap to a large degree in programming. There are some specific contracts, like some of the sports and Stern, that they don't carry on both. My understanding from reading here is that the XM module gives more information on the display than the Sirius module. I have an XM module for my 90BT. Of note, XM and Sirius use different satellites to send you a signal. Where this matters is that XM uses geostationary satellites, meaning that they always appear in the same relative position in the sky from your location. Sirius uses geosynchronous satellites, which appear to be in the same general direction relative to your position, but they move up and down in the sky throughout the day. This means that your reception may vary depending on the time of day. At any given time, at least one Sirius satellite (of three) is above the horizon. When I had both Sirius and XM (different vehicles) the Sirius would drop out at certain times of day. I live in an area of about 500 feet elevation and there are no mountains or similar in the way. XM works better for me. Before the merger, XM had more terrestrial repeaters than Sirius too, so problematic areas like in downtowns with tall buildings or in building interiors, XM was more likely to work.
  6. Start from last used posision

    Sorry for bumping this thread late (I haven't been on in awhile). I'll add another data point: With my stock F90BT at 2.x, leaving a USB drive plugged in, the unit would always come up in the last-used source. I typically leave mine in XM. After the (official, paid for) 3.0 update, the unit started exhibiting the described behavior: if the exact same USB drive was plugged in at boot, the unit would switch source to the USB drive (which is a pain in the ass, because like the OP's, it's a large USB drive and takes awhile to index). Other than the initial hardware bypass at installation, I've made *no* modifications to my unit, so this appears to be a 3.0-related "feature". I've also found that since 3.0, on occassion when I start the car, the display gets into a weird state where the XM detail screen only partially comes up, and the Menu button sporadically works. The display also seems to go through a different sequence when this failure occurs, so I suspect the something in the OS failed to start, and a watch-dog timer kicked it off again. On other occasions, rather than coming up in the XM screen where it was left, it comes up in the AV Source select screen, although the XM radio is still playing. In most respects, the 3.0 upgrade seems to be a net loss in my case.
  7. 3.0 Update - Bug List needed

    I just updated to 3.0 and see this problem also. It annoys the frack out of me. I have a 32G thumb drive plugged into my AVIC in the glovebox. I usually leave mine on the XM screen. For 2.0, this worked fine - it stayed on whatever audio source that I left it on. Now, it comes up on XM, then switches to the USB drive after it gets to a certain point after boot-up. This would be moderately tolerable if you could switch back to XM, except that the unit ignores user input until it has loaded the directory off of the drive, which can take awhile, meaning that the audio goes silent until you can switch back to the XM input. I've also had one or two occasions where the unit booted into the navigation submenu where you'd typically decide to enter a destination, etc., for no apparent reason. I rarely use the nav, and never leave the unit on the map page.
  8. Compass orientation in 2D mode

    Kind of... some people workaround this limitation by running in 3D mode, but adjusting the map tilt so that the map is close to vertical. There is a hard limit on the angle, but that can be tweaked in the software by some of the mods described in this forum. As I recall, without a software mod, the map will reset its tilt when you restart the unit, so this is a less than ideal solution for an unmodified unit. It may be a reasonable workaround for a long trip where you would adjust the tilt at the beginning then leave it for the rest of the trip.
  9. 900bt reboot problem, but with a twist

    It certainly sounds like a loose wire or connector. If you can, I'd pull the unit out of the dash and reseat the connectors. Hopefully, BB used a direct-connect adapter kit rather than vampire taps into the existing wiring. If the later, you might need to try to squeeze/crimp each of the taps to make sure that it fully-seated into the wire. You can consider taking it back to BB too, although I don't know how long they warranty their installation work.
  10. 3.x update and satellite display

    I haven't applied my update yet, maybe later today, but the XM display has always had multiple lines for song info, if you are on the XM screen. It does truncate at a seemingly-low number of characters per line though. I seem to recall reading that they've updated the icons for some of the XM channels that default to the satellite symbol. I guess that when Sirius and XM merged and they moved channels around, some of the icon mappings got screwed up. My biggest complaint has always been that if you click on the channel List button, it always starts at the top of the list, requiring you to scroll excessively, while I prefer that it start at the current channel.
  11. F90BT or F900BT? (quick question)

    I think that the differences are that the 90 comes with the iPod cable, longer warranty, and has higher-power pre-outs. Here is a table (bottom of page) from the horse's mouth showing the comparative specs: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/ ... C-F+Series
  12. XM radio installation help?

    The GEX-P920XM is the only compatible unit that I'm aware of. It's a pretty simple install, and comes with the necessary cables. The bus cable is a dual cable, with data on part of it and power on the other. You plug it into the back of the F90BT, then feed it to wherever you mounted your XM unit (mine is bolted to a sidewall in my hatchback). At the XM end, you plug into that unit, and attach the supplied grounding wire to some nearby grounding point. Almost any bolt or screw nearby that is screwed into/through metal bodywork will do. Things like seat mount bolts, tie-down bolts, etc. are likely candidates. You then run the XM sat antenna from the XM unit to some convenient place with a view of the sky. Some people have had luck simply putting it on the dash where it can look up through the windshield. I ran mine out through a taillight assembly, then up a rain gutter along my hatch to the rear roof of the car. It has a magnetic mount, and uses a fairly thin wire, so you can probably run it out through trunk or door gaskets without causing any leaks.
  13. GPS Signal HELL!

    You said that "lately" you've been having problems, which implies that you weren't before. If that's the case, and you did already try swapping antennas, I'd suspect that something has gone wrong in the HU itself. Multiple antennas may introduce their own problem, something called multipath propagation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multipath_propagation Think of it as causing your receiver to hear echos of the radio signals, which it then has to try to interpret.
  14. Buy now! 60 Dollar price on mapupdate w/3.0

    Believe it or not, the distinction (and reason for the charge in the first place) is due to general corporate accounting rules. The iPhone has no fee because it is accounted for differently than the iPod Touch. It has something to do with the fact that the iPhone has ongoing subscription fees and the Touch does not.
  15. Just looking for confimation

    I don't think so. The unit uses the GPS tracking data to determine that you are exceeding a designated speed (around 10mph) and will complain. See the thread about the software mod here http://avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=17715. You still have to ground the Pbrake even with the software mod. It simply avoids having to move and ground the Mute wire. I'm not sure what your switch would gain you in any case.