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  1. 3.0 upgrade and bluetooth woes

    Exact same problem here with a Blackberry Bold 9700. Waiting for a fix.
  2. I have been having the exact same problems, so I'm interested in knowing if anybody has been successful at solving them with a reinstall. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!
  3. I have the exact same problem with a Blackberry Bold 9700. The whole 3.0 upgrade was a joke. System was stable before, including bluetooth. Now it's erratic, unpredictable, buggy, and to top it off, I'm having problems with the bluetooth. And from reading the posts on this board, I realize that I'm not the only one having the exact same problems. If only Pioneer supported their products better...We need a decent update!
  4. Version 2.0 is LIVE!

    The software bypass DOES work. I did it yesterday, ony day after applying the 2.0 update. For those of you who are having problems... did you ground the parking brake? or at least, are you applying the brake just enough to make the "brake" light come on but not all the way (as to actually engage the brake). Either one of those two is necessary to get the bypass to work. The modification you make to the value (from 16 to 128) is only to raise the speed threshold upon which the AVIC will determine that the car is moving and give you the nasty warning. But the mechanism combines speed sensing and parking brake status. I hope this clarifies it for those people who still had doubts. Good luck!
  5. Bluetooth Update failed

    Same thing happened for me, I left it running for almost half hour and then I turned it off. I was concerned that I had corrupted the files, but when I started the car back up and checked the bluetooth firmware version, it was the 330, so it indeed took the update and it seems to be working fine. One thing I did have to do was re-pair my phone, but it now seems to be working solid.
  6. Wow! I guess I must have the only PERFECT F90BT

    You're absolutely right, tacomaboy! I have ALL of the problems you mentioned, plus: 1. When i first turn the car on, it takes several attempts for the unit to connect to my Blackberry Pearl. EVERY other bluetooth device connects to it within 2 seconds, and does so reliably (even my cheapo motorola headset). 2. The overall system is very slow to respond right after startup, and sometimes during navigation. 3. The system has actually crashed on me while giving me directions! I've had to pull over to power cycle the device, to get it to come back. 4. The system mutes itself for no reason, all sources, regardless of AV source. Only a reboot fixes it. Far from perfect, but hopefully fixable. Cheers.
  7. AVIC FEEDS Freeware

    Hey everyone, I just tried it, and pioneer is now included in the drop down list for the GPS devices. I guess it took them a while to upload the update to their servers and propagate it. Anyway, this should work now (let's hope).
  8. F Series Splash Pics! 800X480

    How's This? Dude, that's an awesome screen!! Thanks so much! You're definitely talented with photoshop!
  9. F Series Splash Pics! 800X480

    Hey man, thanks for the offer and all the info. Actually, I would like to take you up on the offer, if that's ok. How about the brushed metal screen you used, with the same toyota logo, but in chrome/silver color instead of red? Kinda like the ones they've put on here for the lexus, acura, etc? I think that'd be really cool, if that's not too hard to make. Thanks again!
  10. F Series Splash Pics! 800X480

    WOW, those are really cool!! Where did you get the toyota logo? I had one but didnt look nearly as cool as yours!
  11. F Series Splash Pics! 800X480

    Anybody with a celica screen? Or just a toyota logo screen on brush metal?
  12. F-series bluetooth compatibility topic

    F-series model:f90bt (with update) Phone make/model: Blackberry Pearl 8100 (TMobile) Ease of connection: Moderate. It connects eventually, but when the car is first turned on, the f90bt tries to connect with the phone and it fails repeatedly... eventually after 5 to 10 minutes, it ends up connecting successfully on its own. Phone book transfer: It worked fine after assigning contacts to a "category" and then specifying in the bluetooth menu of the phone to transfer only that category (as opposed to "all entries"). Sound quality: Perfect on both ends. Comments: Hopefully they will fix the bluetooth handshake process... it is flaky at best, and it contrasts with all the other bluetooth devices i've used with the Pearl without a flaw. I've also noticed that when the F90bt is turned off, it doesn't immediately release the bluetooth connection (it stays powered on for a several seconds), and it prevents the phone from switching to a bluetooth headset when in the middle of a call, or from picking up the call directly.

    Unfortunately, the likelihood that the application is released for Mac is very low (I'm also a Mac user). Companies like Pioneer, or even RIM, tend to neglect the Mac platform in general and they don't hire Mac developers to port the applications. The good news is that, if you have an intel mac, you'll be able to run the application under Parallels or VMWare Fusion. Honestly though... considering that they are barely ever to release timely updates to fix obvious issues, and released the product without the necessary software to support one of the advertised features, do you really think that they will port the code? I won't hold my breath.
  14. F Series Splash Pics! 800X480

    Does anyone have a version of one of those nice brush metal splash screens with the toyota logo? Maybe something with the logo and the word "Celica" under it? Hey, I'd settle for just the toyota logo, and I would create the rest!