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FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

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This is the latest and greatest. You will not see a 4.0 upgrade to the F series as it is discontinued and has reached it's end of life for Pioneer.   You will love the 3.1 upgrade.

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hello everyone. I followed the steps and got the f900bt working but the maps were american. I downloaded the igo8 rar file and copied over the files to the igo folder but when I went to copy them over to "my flash drive" it started giving me errors. I tried deleting all the american files and replacing them with the european ones. Same with the rest of the files like "ezrider" and "igo" but it still showed me errors. Now I'm trying with just the "maps" folder replaced.

Can someone give me a tutorial on how to replace the navigation and map files with the european ones?

thank you

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Hello guys, i followed the instructions to this forum to a tee, and my avic-f700bt is stuck on the pioneer screen whether i reboot or not, i also tried 4.0.1 update and then got an infinite black screen as well so i dont know whats going on with this unit, can anyone help



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Did you get that to work? 

I followed the instruction posted on here to flash over the fx3.1 files (https://mega.nz/folder/zxk03JJT#o2b_QPi1_CyTaRTbtMe4zg) and am able to get the head unit running but there is no bluetooth firmware. when I go to update the firmware it shows nothing as installed. Also when I look at the device info in the windows explorer it shows up as 'avic-f700' not 'avic-f700bt'. It looks just like the one in imyeremy's picture - with the led BT indicator on the bottom left, I'm pretty sure it should work.

Any recommendations on how to add the BT files to the fx3.1.rar or another set of files I could flash with? 

Thanks in advance for any help

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