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HD Radio - how much more can it suck?

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#1 felixgun



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Posted 23 June 2010 - 03:39 PM

I have the HD Radio for the Z110BT and it SUCKS.

After getting it installed and googling some local HD Radio stations, the ONLY thing I notice is the sound getting LOWER on HD stations and did not get any quality improvement in sound. Also when saving the "preset", they DO actually save, but the name/title/radio station does not show any text on the preset list selection. But if you click on the blank selection, they actually are saved in memory. Just a buyer beware -- if you want to waste 100$ on the hardware and then waste more time or money installing it, then get this HD radio add-on.

Summary if you don't feel like reading the above statement:


-No improvement or HD sound quality (actually sounds worse, since it lowers)
-no preset list titles
-no extra text characters show up (same as FM stations, so basically did nothing)
-disables the AV sources AM and FM (can only select HD)

#2 rjdalga

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Posted 30 July 2010 - 02:51 PM

Can't agree more! My HD radio on my AVIC-F90BT has poorer sound quality most of the time than my FM receiver that came with the unit. However, when a radio station does come in on HD then there's a noticable difference in the sound quality (much better). Problem is that the signal goes in and out (HD back to analog) all too frequently. Furthermore, none of the preset stations are displayed (as previously mentioned) after doing a BSM search (very annoying). In a nutshell, I''m very disappointed with this add-on. Pioneer if you are listening, please provide us with some updates.

#3 dlk

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Posted 10 August 2010 - 08:43 PM

Not much more!!

After installing the new & improved ?? gexp20hd this weekend on my AVIC-Z120BT, I found that the signal level was so low( nothing on the signal indicator) that SEEK couldn't find any channels - had to tune by hand - & then the station would fade out & I'm in town, not 5 miles from the tower. Am was so bad there wasn't any AM static. Also, found all other things mentioned above. Not even RDS that's on the HU & most any FM radio. Oh, the one line text display on the 120 sucks too!

I did find if you plug the antenna directly into the HD radio the reception problems go away - but it's still not as good as the radio in the HU. Must be down 4-6db. So, the problem was the antenna extension included with the HD radio. Can't measure any DC resistance in the wire or shield so might be a impedence problem. Their problem not ours. Still returning it though. No RDS, no preset descriptions, low sesitivity - PITIFULL

#4 felixgun



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Posted 12 January 2011 - 03:39 PM

haha i would return it too if it wasn't installed in my car already. I enjoy the Z120BT firmware update/UI refresh which makes the HD Radio aesthetically pleasing, but just as useless as on the Z120BT software... Once more HD radio stations populate maybe I will use it more, but for now, this source is never selected for me.. I don't listen to normal radio after having an iPod/USB connection and an SD card for music/movies...

#5 Jacksworld718

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Posted 14 April 2011 - 12:55 PM

I can't even change to hd sub channel I try pressing the arrow it sends me to the next station I try the hard button and that changes to the next preset wtf

#6 Pioneer4x4



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Posted 03 December 2012 - 11:39 PM

I am actually very pleased with the HD Radio add on. I have the F90BT and GEX-P10HD in my Dodge Charger. I live in the Pittsburgh area and there are several radio stations that I normally would not listen to but the HD sub bands (some have 2-3 EXTRA Channels) on them are better sounding, and great content. You do need a good signal for the Digital part to lock on, and in fringe areas it is annoying when it cuts in and out. BUT when you have a good signal, the extra channels are great. Go to hdradio.com and choose your city and see all of the extra broadcasts. I bouth my F90BT used on eBay and chose it because it came with the GEX-P10HD. I am all for buying hardware for FREE content instead of buying subscriptions to content like Sirius and XM. The lack of preset names is a setback, but I am used to all radios in the past never labelled presets, you had to remember what all 18 of them were. It does show track/artist/station info while listening just fine. The sound is a little less loud, I assume that is part of the external receiver setup. And yes, you do need to hook up your antenna to it, I used a simple Y-Cable and have my antenna going to both receivers, no issues. I can switch between them at will. Is it perfect, heck no, but it is very usable, and sounds great. Just make sure you have a digital signal, not analog, before comparing (It will display the connection type) and once you get a digital lock on, you will see if there are sub channels.
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