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Step by step update from z110bt to z120bt

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Props to you guys SHORTFUSE THX Much



None of this was my hard work it for sure took a team.



Download this file. Pioneer.Z110BT.Upgrade.Unlocker-ShortFuse.zip

Pioneer.Z110BT.Upgrade.Unlocker-ShortFuse.zip know the location of the file where you downloaded the file to on your hard drive.



Now Download this file from pioneer. 1.001000.zip

http://ds1.downloadtech.net/cn1010/firmware/1.001000.zip know the location of the file where you downloaded the file to on your hard drive.


Now open up your c:drive and make a new folder called update.


Now in the folder c:update extract the contents of both of the downloads into the folder c:Update


Use winrar or what ever app you like that will uncompress files.


You should now have two folders with files now in the c:updates folder.


c:updates1.001000 This has lots of files and folders in it.


c:updatePioneer.Z110BT.Upgrade.Unlocker-ShortFuse This will have three files in this folder.


Replace the file, in the following location


with this file



Replace the file, in the following location


with this file




Format SD (Right click sd card under my computer and format) format in FAT32 the card needs to be 4gb or larger to complete all steps.


Now Copy the folder


to the root of an SD card.

Lets say your sd card is j: drive.

You will now have one folder on the j: drive.


j:AVICZ110 (Plus all the contents of the folder.)


Now insert the SD to your Z110BT and it should start updating automatically.



Now how to do the update to os version 2.0


Once downloaded with your favorite utorrent client and unrared, you will have two folders that represent two separate SD cards.


You must install a torrent application, before the torrent file below will do you any good. Below are clients for both mac and windows.


Windows Utorrent client can be found here.http://www.utorrent.com/downloads/complete?os=win

Mac Utorrent client can be found here.http://www.utorrent.com/downloads/complete?os=mac

The update OS torrent file can be found here CNSD-110FM.rar






You can do all this from one sd card or two.


Once torrent is downloaded.

You will have a folder CNSD-110FM default location under c:doc settingsyour usernamedownloads

Open the folder c:doc settingsyour usernamedownloadsCNSD-110FM you will see two more folders

default location

c:doc settingsyour usernamedownloadsCNSD-110FMSD1


c:doc settingsyour usernamedownloadsCNSD-110FMSD2


Open these folders and extract contents with winrar to




TIME for another FAT32 format

Format your SD card in fat32 right click on the sd card and select format under my computer.

Copy content of folder c:updateCNSD-110FM-SD1

and put it on the root of the SD drive.


lets say sd drive is is j: drive it really could be any letter f: u: c: k: .. I don't know the driver letter for your SD card. ( You do have a SD card reader RIGHT?) :mrgreen:

you will have two folders and one file on j: drive


j:Firmware (folder) plus all the content of the folder

j:Update (folder) plus all the content of the folder

j:CARDINFO.cif (file)



now take the sd card and put it in the z110bt


This will start the upgrade it will ask for serial.. just type leters until you can type no more.. (no numbers) letters only.Then continue. This takes about 25 min..


After OS install version 2.0 has been installed, the bluetooth needs to be updated two times.

With the same card you just updated the os with do the following steps.


a) press (Home button) to display top menu.

B) touch (system settings)

c) touch (bluetooth settings)

d) confirm bluetooth version is 2.50

e) scroll to bottom of list touch ( firmware update)

f) confirm update

g) after finish takes maybe 5-6 min confirm 3.10 version is now on unit under bluetooth setting page

h)once update finishes click ok. now eject sd card.


Get new SD card or format the existing sd card


i) copy content of c:updateCNSD-110FM-SD2 folder onto the root of the new or cleanly formated sd card

j) press (Home button) to display top menu.

k) touch (system settings)

l) touch (bluetooth settings)

m) confirm bluetooth version is 3.10

n) scroll to bottom of list touch ( firmware update)

o) confirm update to 3.11



If I missed something please let me know.



Thx agian guys.

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How's it going? the first part worked great on the update. Now im trying to do the second half but the link to the torrent is a really small file 15kb and when extracted there is only one file called CNSD-110FM.torrent that still is only 15kb am I doing something wrong? Thanks so much. Anyone who helps me get this done I don't mind throwing a little something via PayPal to help out the cause.

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have you installed utorrent?


utorrent will know what to do with the small file, when you double click the 15k file.

The 15k file is a pointer to all the people that are seeding and doing peer to peer. Without a torrent application the 15k file is as good as trash.



You must install utorrent or some other torrent software.


I added link above in first post.

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I have winrar , did what you said and its not working. Winrar opens and the 15kb file is sitting there with a torrent extension on it. I click on the file and its asking me what program to use to open the 15kb file. I installed BitTorrent and its now downloading...



the file you downloaded is a rar file. It has a torrent in it..

avic411 does not allow torrent files to be uploaded to the forums so it was put in rar format.



use winrar to get the torrent file to the desktop. you must extract the torrent file out of the .rar file


right click on the download and tell extract and tell it to extract to desktop or the uploads dir.


Now you can either double click the torrent file

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its been a few weeks since i've looked around here. Soo glad to know that there is a step by step process for updating the z110 unit. Its been on my 2 do list to purchase and upgrade but after reading this, i'm not forking out $200 if i don't have too ..


glad to know that these steps work flawlessly to make your z110 a z120 ..

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I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I have winrar and winzip. I am unable to extract the .torrent file using either program. I have the utorrent program installed. I am getting an "access denied" error when I try to extract the file to my desktop (or any location). I am an administrator on my computer. Please help!


Thank you in advance!


EDIT: Nevermind, I figured out the problem with downloading the torrent.

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