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XM July 16th Logo Update...D/N/F/Zx/Zxxx Series!

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Here are the updated logo image packs for July 2011. If you wish to make a donation for this effort my paypal is vandal@racinginc.com. This is not a requirement as I will never charge money for these logo updates nor make conditions regarding their use.




- Image table and logo updates for all July 2011 XM lineup changes.


- A logo was manually created for BYU Radio channel 143 which does not appear in the channel guide PDF.


- A station called "LeakyCon Radio" just appeared today at channel 141. That is some 3 day Harry Potter convention deal so there is no logo for it.


- Sports channels still alternate between "Sports XXX", "NBA XXX" etc. and "Sports Play-By-Play". The logo will only appear if the channel name uses the name with the number in it, i.e. "Sports 190" or "NBA 218", etc. There is no way to avoid this and at this time I still don't know which naming scheme is ideal to associate with the logo.


- There are no category logo updates in this release as all the major categories are covered. I have no source for category images as XM does not provide them. Existing category logo image files are not overwritten.




- You will need to know how to modify the media for your particular AVIC series. See the stickied posts in the hacks/mod forum related to your unit for details.


- Locate the folder containing the XMCAT, XMDAT, XMLPS, and XMDPS directory. On the Z series this the AV subdirectory of the SDAT volume. On the F series this was reported to be MyFlashDisk/DATA/XM. On the D/N series these folders are in the root directory of the 2 map DVDs.


- As always when doing such updates on the Z and F series be sure to make backups of your XMCAT, XMDAT, XMLPS, and XMDPS directories.


- Simply copy the files in the pack over any existing files for each directory (XMCAT, XMDAT, XMLPS, and XMDPS). Do not delete any files.



Attached here are the files for all series. A request was made for doing a black background on the Zxxx which which is effectively transaprent like I did for the optional pack for the F series. I have no idea what this will look like as I can only test for the Z3, so if this is something worth doing please let me know. The AVIC treats black as transparent on the Z series and I assume that is what was desired as having an actual black background will make several all black logos invisible.

AVIC DN 7-16-2011 Logo Update.zip

AVIC F 7-16-2011 Logo Update (Transparent Background).zip

AVIC F 7-16-2011 Logo Update.zip

AVIC Zx 7-16-2011 Logo Update.zip

AVIC Zxxx 7-16-2011 Logo Update (Experimental Transparent Background).zip

AVIC Zxxx 7-16-2011 Logo Update.zip

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Attached is the updated XM Logo Generator program. This release contains the updated raw logos and default channel mapping for the July 2011 logo update.


This program takes raw 32-bit transparent PNG logo images by channel number and size and automatically converts them into the special formats used by the various AVIC units. It handles all of the dirty work involving color conversion, handling of special transparent colors and backgrounds specific to each AVIC series, and generation of RGB 555 Bitmap files and/or PIM formatted files with the appropriate LPS/DPS numbered filename.


Using this program you can now edit or create you own logos using Photoshop or any other application without worrying about the technical details or hassles of formatting it for you AVIC unit. The only rules are you must mainting the appropriate image size, keep the bankground transparent (in most cases), and save the logo as a 32-bit PNG.


This program also generates the IMAGETBL.DAT file and allow modification of the channel and category mappings. You can adjust the mappings if you want to restore a logo to a station that has changed its name or find the station ID of a new channel.


All the 1000+ transparent 32-bit PNG source logos that were used to build the 5-2011 logo pack release are included and channel/category logo mapping will default to this release making the program ready to go on start.


This program will be updated with each logo pack release to provide the updated raw logo images and default channel/category mapping information.


Detailed instructions are included that documents everything you could ever want to know about XM logos on the AVIC series.


Note: This program does NOT handle the extraction of the logo images from the XM channel list PDF. That process is still a lengthy manual process using Inkscape to make giant PNG files of the logos in various sizes and then a program that take 20-30 run and requires many tweaks. At this point it is unlikely I will ever be able to make a program that will fully automate that process.




- Windows XP, Vista, 2003 Server, or 2008 Server


- .NET Framework versions 2.0 SP2, 3.0 SP2, and 3.5.


The program will not run if you do not have the sufficient .NET framework versions installed. The above listed Windows versions can be updated with the .NET framework by going to http://update.microsoft.com.


It is recommended that you install the AppleRGB.icc color profile before running the program for the first time as this profile will be set as the default if it is present. To install any of the color profiles simple browse to the "Color Profiles" subdirectory, right click on the profile file and select "Install Profile".


Features/Bug Fixes for this Version:


- Add Zxxx seriess transparent background option.


- Contains the source PNG logos for all series/sizes.

XM Logo Generator V1.2 (7-2011 Logo Release).zip

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Question for the folks out there using this new update on a Z130. I've installed the updated logos and they work fine, but only if you power off and on again the unit using the soft on/off key (you can leave the car running, or not doesn't matter), or by changing sources and then coming back to XM. If I don't do this at least once each time I start up the car then no logos display (just a grey box), and on the preset list sometimes the channel name doesn't show up. It looks like the unit doesn't re-read the dat file all the time.


Is this a common occurrence - or am I missing something simple?


Thoughts? Thanks!

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Mine does the same grey box thing, but only if the unit starts up on XM.


Thanks. Thought I did something wrong. Same thing happens to me if I start the unit up on XM as well. I guess for whatever reason I also have a couple of other ways to reproduce the issue.


I deleted all of the folders related to XM and restored from my back-up and the same thing still occurs.


I know how to work around it - just a bit of a perfectionist and was hoping to get this to work like its supposed to.

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