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XM vs Sirius Tuner, the dilemma??

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I recently purchased and installed an AVIC X930BT and a Sirius tuner. I was extremely underwhelmed by the Sirius interface. After reading the forums and the manual, I decided I would purchase an XM tuner and see how I liked the XM tuner. Well there are advantages and disadvantages to both.......


1. Sirius reception is FAR better than XM. Normal drive to work, 0 drop outs for Sirius and 4-5 drop outs with XM using the same antenna/antenna location and same roads. I have experienced this in the past with one other XM receiver.

2. This may be incorrect but for some reason I think Sirius has better overall sound quality. I still need to verify this by doing a quick swap this weekend.

3. Sirius interface is crap: No preset labels, 1 line display, no logos.

4. XM interface has radio station logos, but some don't exist or are incorrect.

5. None of the 3 lines that make up the XM display scroll resulting in some artists and song titles being truncated. I thought the Sirius one line display did scroll.

6. XM tuner seems to lag more when switching stations.


For me the reception is a huge plus for the Sirius tuner, but the XM tuner has a much better interface. Not sure which one to return......



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I have only had XM. I had it since launch day, which feels like an eternity ago. I have never been able to compare it to Sirius for the sound quality check. The station logos did change at one time. I lost a lot of them when it did, but when I did an upgrade on my Z1 to a Z3 via one of Garrettommey's hard drives, it updated and restored the correct station logos. I think that instead of the logos being stored inside the XM Tuner box (which would make sense that they are downloaded via the satellite when they change) that they are stored locally on your head unit. Is there an update disc available for your navigation? IT is possible that the correct logos and stations exist on that.


Side note: I cancelled my XM about 3 weeks ago. After I started getting calls 5x a week (hangups mostly) and calling the number back finding out it was XM/Sirius trying to "give" me a "free" receiver since I have been such a loyal customer... I asked them to please stop calling my cell phone so much and as early as 6am, latest I got was 1030pm, but it continued until I cancelled the service. Probably won't happen to you, but it happened to me...

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I have a Pioneer AVH-P3300BT head unit and purchased the Sirius CD-SB10 and the SCC1 satellite tuner package to play Sirius through my head unit. Got it installed and transferred my account over to the new unit and was up and running. Initial impressions were great. Great signal, excellent sound, and was happy with it. The only things I didn't like was the lack of multi line display, lack of logos and station names for presets, and the size of the two components. Those were things I could live with though.


Then a couple a days ago, the whole thing locked up. I've had it for about 3 weeks and didn't experience any problems, then the other day it froze while I was driving. All other functions work fine on the head unit; FM, iPod, SD card, DVD player. Sirius just stopped working. It was stuck on one channel with no sound. Couldn't change channels or anything. So I researched and tried everything under the sun to get it back up and running. Disconnected my battery overnight, pulled and checked the fuse, unplugged everything, reset head unit, check and double checked all connections, refresh my sirius signal, and still nothing. Got to reading the reviews on the CD-SB10 and found that this was a common occurrence more often than not.


So, back to Crutchfield it went. I just placed an order for the Pioneer GEX-P90XM unit and plan on transferring my Sirius over to XM. I've had Sirius since 2004 and love it. I don't listen to Howard Stern, but I do listen to NFL games from time to time, so I'll miss that. But everything else I've seen, the music, news, and comedy channels are identical, so that will be great. I also read in this forum that it's GUI is better due to Pioneer actually making the XM tuner. I'll update this when I get my XM tuner up and running. Hopefully the XM tuner will last longer than a couple of weeks.

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