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AVIC Z1/Z2/Z3 Upgrade to 2012 TomTom Maps Released!

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Up for a torrent or newsgroup? I can seed for a good while.


+1 on Newsgroup... no dependancy on someone's server and FAST connections.. 7-8 gig download in 15-30 minutes!

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Can anyone confirm that the software is 6.000 I put the update on my drive... but it just booted right up without updating anything... the last two updates... it said it had to update stuff (black screen if i remember right)... but this time.. it just booted up?


only thing I can think of, was Z1 update changed it to Z2... and Z2 update changed it to Z3... this update didn't update that "deep" .... so maybe no "updating" internally after the update?



My first day off is Wednesday... I have 3 Doctor's appointments, but after, I'm going to try to get it up on a newsgroup.... (never uploaded before, so not sure how it will go..). All of this if I get garrettoomey's permission of course

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I forget how to get all the information... All i see is Version, CDDB Version, and something else.. only 3 items show... but it's 6.0000


And a heads up ...

Since the last map update, i'm sure many have upgraded to Win 7... well Arconis 10 does not work with windows 7 (Windows says something about compatability and will not let it run, tried changing compatability mode, etc... does not work).... Current version of Arconis ... Does not work with this backup. Map partition shows as 15gb vice 17gb... and it errors out. SO you will need windows XP for this backup to work (in my experience with it... may just happen to be my setup)... loaded it on windows XP and it worked flawlessly.

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I can confirm:

Version: 06.0000

CDDB Version: 12-01-0010

Platform: 3.000200

GPS Version: 1.200000

HDD App Version: 6.000000


No updating required after restoring image to your drive!

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