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  1. It's a map upgrade. Hows the torrent doing? I just stopped by to see whats going on.
  2. They are in the condi hackmode thread. Put the testmode,key in the root of the sd card.
  3. Pioneer AVIC F930BT X930BT

    Not needed unless you have a backup cam.
  4. Thanks! Just what I needed. Updating right now. X930bt and x9310bt. Hopefully it'll fix my problems. Crosses finger! Much thanks to sheka and pionara!
  5. Is there a summer time option?
  6. 930 or 940

    Yeah the software is basically the same minus what I said about advance app mode and android support.
  7. You'd still have to follow the directions to fix... I'd just follow a few more directions and download it then pay someone who is selling "free" stuff.
  8. 930 or 940

    940 will have newer maps and advance app support. If you get a 930 and buy the map upgrade it'll be a 940. I guess it's boils down to price difference and if you want the latest available maps.
  9. I have had problems with steering wheel control module become faulty or the cars voltage is fluctuating alot and the module thinks that a button is being pressed. I'd measure the cars charging voltage then the voltage are the steering wheel control module.
  10. Does it have steering wheel controls?
  11. 2012 Maps

    How the upgrade works is that you get a password from pioneer after entering your device id.
  12. help avic f900bt

    After choosing win ce format. Boot into test mode and copy the files over to my flash disk from the numerous sources around.
  13. Some one has to buy it and install it then image the drive for you guys. Maybe a group buy or something similar will help you guys out.
  14. Yes I have also tried hackmode. I am unable to format or edit the folders.