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soft parking brake mod (aka safe mode "bypass" menu)

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I have found the place to patch in Navi.exe where you can enable the "Safe Mode" switch in settings menu on US/CAN units (that EU models have).


This is just for navi.exe version 4.010 on X92x+ or Z1xx series, havent figured it out yet on older versions, but could be done in a similar fashion.


1. Grab your navi.exe from your unit. (Keep a copy as a backup.) On your pc, with hex editor change:

a. offset 15aefc from 02 00 56 E3 to 09 00 56 E3.

b. offset 15aee8 from 01 10 A0 E3 to 00 10 A0 E3


2. replace the navi.exe on your unit.


You should see a new "Safe Mode" toggle switch in the settings menu (bottom row, right side).



Please dont attempt if you are not comfortable hex editing files and copy files via testmode.

I wont post binaries, but somebody else can make this edit and post it somewhere on the tubes


Oh you are totally on your own using this. This is only for use with US/CAN navi where the law allows. ;)



verified that it works. A few notes:

1. with this, you no longer need to ground KMODE (pin 11 of A/V connector) - it is not necessary

2. you will need PKB grounded so that you can turn safe mode off. Once safe mode is off, you will not need PKB pin grounded, however:

3. if you ever turn safe mode back on again, then because safe mode button along with all the other ones are greyed out, you will need to re-ground PKB to get the safe mode button active again, so you can turn it off ;)


There may be another hack somewhere to fix 2 & 3, but at least with this, you dont need to fool with the A/V connector


Found it!!

There are two edits. First one enables safe mode button in menu on UC units, and second one keeps the button active in safe mode.. So no wired hacks needed. 100% pure soft hack!!

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some screenshots of what it looks like...


Hi There:


I search for the offset 15aefc and offset 15aee8 and did not find the code in Nav.exe. Can you upload it and I will try it or maybe I don't have the right Hex changer program.




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a. offset 15aefc from 02 00 56 E3 to 09 00 56 E3.

b. offset 15aee8 from 01 00 A0 E3 to 00 00 A0 E3



Haven't tried patching yet, but @ 15aee8 I've got: 01 10 A0 E3 instead.

The other offset is correct. I'm running Apl v4.010 on a Z110.

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you are right ron, i typoed that.



it should be

offset 15aee8 from 01 10 A0 E3 to 00 10 A0 E3

I fixed the instructions

OK, but I already have the harness bypassed, so I'm not going to remove the unit just to un-do that. I'll be installing the traffic tuner module in a couple weeks, so I'll try it then. It would be great if this became the defacto PB hack going forward, but then - with each upgrade the hack would have be to re-tested (by you?) and re-installed. Not a huge task, but an un-necessary hassle if you've already hacked the harness.

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Yep Ron, thats the downside to any soft hack, must be redeployed after any update (or applied to update before installing). Even if you properly wire PKB according to manufacturers instructions, this can be helpful.


So useful for those folks who dont want to deal with the extra KMODE pin on A/V harness.

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Hi, I just purchased my AVIC-X940 and I'm getting around to install it. I didn't wanna do the wire bypass and I wanted to try this bypass, I have a couple questions though.


1) How would I get the Nav.exe onto my computer? Where is it located?

2) Where would I check to see what version I have?


Any help would be greatly apprecited.

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you would need to use testmode to get the files on and off of your computer. Read some of the other threads about testmode. be careful, take backups before you mod anything. I think there is a youtube video of navigating testmode.


version info is under settings, system settings, service information. You probably have 4.010, which is the version i give instructions for.

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