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AppRadio 4 with CarPlay just announced - finally...

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I wish they hadn't downgraded to a 6.2" screen. I like it otherwise. I'm definitely waiting for the Alpine ILX-007, which should be out this month and list between $500-$700.


Humm, yes, when I saw the specs, I was asking myself: isn't my App Radio 2 a 7†display? Why they reduce the screen if so?


Probably for saving on the cost. But I cannot imagine that a inch is that much more expensive...

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Terrible. I've been trying to get on their website all day to get a peek at this new unit but it's been down all day.


Don't you get it, the site has been slowed by billions (or few) happy customers that couldn't wait to upgrade their NEX unit to have CarPlay support! Pioneer just couldn't expect that coming, like Apple with their last live keynote!!! Isn't that great? :-(


I've been trying to get to their sites from LTE, and I was thinking I had bad radio coverage. But then, every other site I've tried were snappy.


I can understand why they have not updated the AppRadio software in all the time they had with iOS 8 beta, or why they took more than their initial time frame (available summer 2014) for the NEX update, if they just can't maintain a web server properly. A web server is a very simple tool to maintain those days. If they cannot successfully do it in 2014, no wonder why their firmware/software roadmap sucks...


I'd like to have enough confidence in them to put another $600 for an AppRadio 4 for my car, but I'm just not sure they deserve it.

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I guess the good part is that the App Radio 4 can also play anything via USB now. If CarPlay or App Mode compatability becomes an issue, at least you still have the option of other sources.


My iPhone 6 with App Radio 2 on the other hand, is just a stupid AM/FM radio when App Mode decides to take a dump. iOS 8.0.2 seems a little bit more stable now with less bluetooth dropouts. I think the bluetooth issue is an Apple thing and only on the iPhone 6/6+, so hopefully 8.0.3 is coming soon.  

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Bought and installed :D


All seems good so far, feel free to ask any questions.


Hey Mate,


Just wondering if you installed a Bypass for it (micro bypass)?  Does the same bypass for Appradio 3 work with Appradio 4?


If thats a yes, im buying one straight away.



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I should have specific I'm from the UK.


I paid £350 including tax which is $556 so maybe us Brits are getting a cheaper deal for once as it seems the standard price it's launched at here.


Again, not sure if it's UK specific, but all I had to do for bypass is ground the green wire. I was upgrading from the Appradio 3 and in fact all the wiring and accessories are identical so all I did was swap the head units over and it was fine. The AR3 should sell for around £200 so the total upgrade cost is £150, 


I think it's worth it as Carplay (although there's not enough apps yet) is much easier to use than Appradio. All of those annoying times you have to reconnect, or manually relaunch the app are gone. Another great new feature (for me anyway!) is that you can browse your library when you are streaming via Bluetooth, which wasn't possible before. You can also plug in a USB drive full of media at the same time as being on Carplay as there are 2 USB sockets.

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