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D3 Bypass Flash Tutorial

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1. Yes it works. Nothing to do with the mute wire.

2. No. And I don't think you understand the original purpose of this mute wire. If you are using a third party car phone or handsfree kit, they have a wire that you connect to the Pioneer mute wire and it sends a trigger to mute the Pioneer radio when it needs to. Here is the thing...how many people still use those car phones built in to the car. Or how many people are going to use a third party handsfree kit when Pioneer makes one that integrates with the deck? The answer ALMOST NONE. Thats the only reason we move the mute wire...Because almost nobody needs it anyways. The mute wire has nothing to do with the ability to mute your radio, or the deck muting during bluetooth or anything like that. Its just a useless wire

3. The bluetooth functions are limited while you are in motion when hooked up properly. The reason? Because they don't want morons staring at the touchscreen and typing in a phone number or going through the address book at 45 mph while plowing through a family in a crosswalk. If you don't bypass it, you can choose from one of the preset numbers you program in, or dial from the phone. Otherwise you have to pull over.

4. Yes

5. Yes

6. He is an idiot :lol:

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Hope this works. just finished doing it. Only took me about 10 mins to complete it.


Thank you very very much for the workaround. :D


As long as you followed the install instructions you should be golden.



joe r

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After going over 10 MPH the screen disables the viewing of movies. Checked all wires and I have reset the unit multiple times. It works while driving for as long as I do not stop my car and than it seems to know there is a mod done to the system... Anyone else ever have this problem?

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