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Help me. I need WAZE and backup camera, which HU should I be getting?

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Hey guys,


I have an older satnav installed in my car, a Pioneer UB310BT.  It is decent, I love that it has an actual KNOB to control the volume/tracks/etc.  Knobs are awesome!   I love this unit and have used it on multiple road trips, but once I started using WAZE, I was using the map less and less.  It seems silly to be looking at my phone when I have this built in display.  I also just purchased a snowmobile trailer, and I cannot see around it very well at all.  


Here is what I am looking for:


1.  A HU that has WAZE support via iPhone4s

2.  A HU that has an input for a backup camera, that I can mount on the back of my snowmobile trailer.


Anyway, I am googling about app radios and carplay and I'm just getting too much information, and a lot of hte complaints about functionality are 1.5 years old.


What head unit should I be looking at?

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i'm going to say one of the appradios in terms of that, maybe an appradio 2 or newer. the backup camera, you're gonna need some looooong leads to go from the front of a car to the back of a trailer, unless you just join the connections at the tow hitch, which would make for a better setup for when you don't want to trek a trailer around 

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I like the new appradio, but for the money, I'd get the 4100 or 5100 NEX.... it seems a little pricey, but I went from a AVH -2700 to the appradio 4 to the 6100 NEX. The main reason I wanted to switch from that appradio unit was because the SPH-DA210 (AppRadio 4) didn't have XM support, a CD/DVD player, and also the fact that it had built in NAV (I've been using Waze for almost 5 years but I like the streamline design with built in nav. Another valid point is that youd have to get the HDMI connector, and the video adapter from apple.

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