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F980BT Android Auto enable?

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just bought new car from car dealer (Mitsubishi) with AVIC-F980BT head unit. 

The head unit support Apple Car play, but no Android Auto.

Cheaper model from Pioneer support Android auto without problems.

Is there way to enable Android Auto on this device? The unit getting same firmware updates like other devices that support android auto:


Thanks for help :)

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You could try this... your F980BT is known as a NX357, so in /etc/sysd.conf in the section <product model="NX357,EU5"> (or model can be ID or UR depending on your country), set those value:


<config name="sysdconf.aap.VehicleModel"  value="AV Receiver" />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.VehicleMakeYear"  value="2016" />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.VehicleMaker"  value="Pioneer" />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.HeadUnitMaker"  value="Pioneer" />
<config name="sysdconf.aap.HeadUnitModel"  value="AV Receiver" />
<config name="sysdconf.com.hasAAP"       value="TRUE" />
<config name="sysdconf.cm.OthershasSubOpt"   value="TRUE" />
<config name="sysdconf.cm.OthershasUSBOpt"   value="TRUE" />

then in /etc/mediamanager.conf, find the section AVN_MID,EU5 (or UR or ID) then add the aap/aapsource to those:


                <source name="dio" />
                <source name="aap" />
                <source name="ipod1" />
                <source name="ipod2" />
                <source name="aapsource" />
Come back to say if this works :)

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I'm trying to do this to a AVIC-F980DAB.  These instructions don't seem to be enough.


I've modified the lines above as mentioned (and triple checked I've made no mistakes), the system now gives me the option of Android Auto when I bootup, but the device then goes to a blank screen.  Is the same if I select Android Auto or something else.


Any ideas of other things to try?


Video here:  

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Hi everyone!

Does anybody has a solution for this?

I have a f980bt but I didn 't get if it is possible to solve this problem with a custom ROM or some scripting...


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