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New Release F20BT F30BT F40Bt F920BT F930BT F840BT Etc 2017 Release

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On 12/21/2018 at 3:20 PM, spoonavic said:

i try update but update stoped to 98% ..pioneer is blocked and ask for sd ...how can i relolve it, please ?

Your problem is caused by something is wrong with the update SD. Very possible that you didn't use the correct password when you unzipped the file. So some files are missing. This advice has been posted here many times.

If the map update fails to complete and you are stuck with a wrong or incorrect SD or similar message:

  • boot into testmode. 
  • go into file maintenance
  • remove the file USER\SYSTEM\Download\StartKnd.log

This will kick the unit out of upgrade mode, and it should restart into regular mode on next power up (remember to remove the TestMode SD). You should still be running with your previous firmware and maps.

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Hello. I apologize for repeating myself, but I am asking for one specific answer contained in one post - I think that it will also be useful to others.
I have a Pioneer Avic F920BT navigation. Currently has original software. Please inform me what to do STEP BY STEP because after many attempts described in various posts, 
e.g. I have not found in the file RenewalIFLib.dll all values of 0350A0E3
From what I read it is:
- to upload ShortFuse to SD, run
- on the second SD, upload the map (three files: firmware, update, cardinfo). The cardinfo file with changes on X07EURX27EURX30EUR and then update

Please reply. Thank you

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