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Upgrade to NEX from X940BT?

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I did - the exact radio.  In my Toyo FJ Cruiser, I had that for four years.  Got the 8200NEX for my Bday in March and it's night and day - literally.

I loved the X940BT at first, but grew to hate it.
The screen looked nice, worked horribly.  Touch it?  Maybe it would do something.
The 820x is a dream.  Perfect?  No.  But lightyears ahead.  No-brainer.

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I'm considering an update as well.  I'm always concerned with the nav maps and how are the units with a updates.  I REALLY do not want to shell out $200.00 every couple of years to update the maps.  My city is always growing in the suburbs and we have a lot of projects underway with new routes, bus lanes etc all to be completed in the next five years.  I haven't been checking out the NEX forum so I don't know if the NEX's are easy to hack to upgrade the maps?

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