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Get your european fixed speedcams for AVIC-F920BT/F930BT/F9310BT/F10BT/F30BT here!

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I can provide european speedcams (fixed only) from my POIbase account for F920BT/F930BT/F9310BT/F10BT/F30BT (and probably for other models but I can't test so just try and tell me if it's OK for your model...).

I use them since a few years and get sound warning when approaching a fixed speedcam. They also appear on the map.



First of all, try with your own country!

- download attached zip file and extract ;

- then extract your country zip file directly to your SD without modifying anything ;

- put SD in your powered-on avic, you should see a warning - accept the installation ;

- check if you can see a known fixed speedcam on your map (don't forget to set speedcams "on" in avic parameters!)


If it's OK then I can merge several countries for you but remember the more POIs you add, the slower your navigation will be (forget about getting all european speedcams, the max I tested without problem is FR+BE+NL+LU that's nearly 6000 POIs). I joined snapshot for each country with total speedcams so you can count by yourself to check if you stay under 10000 POIs (imposed limit by Pioneer). If you want to test more, do it at your own risk... and don't complain after!


Remember that speedcam warnings are forbidden in France and probably in other places...  :mrgreen:

fixed speedcams.zip

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  I did try to follow your small guide , files are copied on the root of my SD card ( 4GB - Fat32)  But nothing is happening when I insert the card and AVIC F9310BT is turned on.

Also tried to start engine whilts card is in slot - same story.

I have the latest sw version 7.00 and the newest EU 2017 card . Used this 4GB card in the updating process , so its acually working .


Can you please guide me whats wrong ?


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@saliphil & MikkoM :

Sorry for the delay, it was holiday time in France... ;)

See the attached files for requested packs : France-Espagne-Portugal-Andorre (5048 POIs) et Finlande-Norvège-Suède-Estonie (2777 POIs).


@sheringham :

I'm glad you manage to install by yourself.


@taek72 :

thanks for the feedback, I add F10BT to the compatibility list.




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