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Maps Not Displaying

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Hi y’all 

I just got my 8200 back from wonderful Pioneer service center ($230.00 later) for an unresponsive touch screen. I hooked it up and everything is hunky Dory now except I get not maps whatsoever. Needless to say I’m a bit pissed! I had maps before I sent it out and now there is nothing. I was also having issue with the time adjustment as I had to up the GMT by 7 hours so that it would jive with my time zone (Central) but it seems to have corrected itself now. I had the setting in Automatic at first and it was way off even though I had great reception to most all of the satellites. hrs. I waited a while and tried the Automatic setting once again and it seems to be fine now. SMH. But, the maps are not present. In the info. they are all saying “inactive content” but the licenses are there. I cannot navigate anywhere nor poly a course because it doesn’t know where lm at!  WTF?

 Before I Box this thing back up and ram it up their keisters, is there possibly a debug setting that possibly got disabled that you folks can help me with? I have reloaded the FW 1.07 a couple of times to see if that was an issue but to know avail.

Thanx for the help!






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