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AVIC-W8500NEX Sporadically Reboots

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On 9/20/2020 at 4:25 PM, mdgeek said:

Received a replacement Maestro unit under warranty (with no hassle whatsoever) and installed it today.  Left the USB cable connected and tucked it under the dash so I won't have to pull the unit to reflash it.  Fingers crossed but expectations low.

Have not seen a single reboot or disconnect since installing the new Maestro.  I'm going to declare victory at this point.  It has been a very frustrating experience and I'm kicking myself for not replacing the unit much earlier.

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Sadly I've continued to have sporadic problems despite replacing the Maestro module (black screens, steering controls not working), though no actual reboots (which was actually less problematic than what I'm experiencing now).  I'm throwing in the towel and reinstalling my factory original unit.  I'll be selling my head unit and Maestro module (with the appropriate caveats).  

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I still get Maestro disconnect warnings despite flashing the maestro and noticing that several updates have been released since I last updated it. Sadly, I continue to have “maestro disconnected” warnings where music stops playing and I have to hit play again. Has anyone replaced their unit with anything more reliable without these same issues?

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I have an AVIC-8500NEX in a 2014 traverse, and an AVH-W4500NEX in a 2016 cruze.

The 4500NEX started rebooting a couple weeks ago.  it was rare, but still annoying.  slowly its become more common until its every couple songs.

Here are some of the guesses i made to figure it out and the results of what i've tried.

1) Power:  connected a battery charger to the car, but the 4500 still rebooted.  (One of the times the radio rebooted is when the engine stopped at a red light, which stops the alternator, etc)

2) Source Check

  1. Found that it did not reboot with apple car play or android auto (both wireless)
  2. Did not reboot on radio, HD radio or SAT radio
  3. Did not reboot on bluetooth
  4. HDMI & Aux were untested (cables were not run when radio installed - shop offered but i said no)
  5. USB01, USB02, and SD card:  Rebooted within 10 minutes on each!

Having narrowed the issue down to USB devices, i tried replacing with new SD card and thumb drives..  but the 4500 still reboots apparently at random regardless if playing audio or audio/video.

Finally, i took the SD card from my 8500 and put it in the 4500 and the sd card from the 4400 into the 8500...  no problems found, runs fine, no rebooting ON BOTH NEX devices...

Now its time to look at contents:  The SD card from the traverse has only 320 mp3's on it,  the sd card from the 4400 had misc data files, ms dos batch files (for creating text document of cd's and songs, etc), junk from work, etc...  i deleted all non media files but the 4400 still reboots.  

Deleted all wave, flac, mp4, and mkv files from the 4500's sd card (leaving only mp3 same as the sd chip from the 8500), BAM!  i think got it!

Which means (if i am right), the 4500 isn't powerful enough to handle lossless audio, or high bit length video for any length of time..

i would be interested in knowing if my results are applicable to your experiences!




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originally posted as a 4400, corrected to 4500
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It rebooted again.   And wow, i think my F bomb was louder than the radio FULL BLAST.

you know what i missed...  i missed wireless connections...  specifically apple car play.  Apparently after i had initially ruled it out, i didn't turn it off.

this morning driving my daughter to school, her iphone connected to my radio.  A few minutes later a popup that she left her air pods at home, and right the, the screen froze up for 2 seconds, then the crashed and rebooted...

Allow me to add this, not knowing if its relevant or not.  when the 4500 reboots, it has to "relearn" what is on the SD card, and (unlike the 8500), when the 4500 starts it always starts on the first song in the first folder...  i never thought i would get sick of ACDC, but if i do, it will be Pioneer's fault!  LOL


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