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  1. Hello, I have problem to find pin location for RCA connector by F9310BT. Can someone post here pinout for RCA connector ? I need this: Rear output Front output Audio input Video input Rear view camera Mute Thnx
  2. Hello, yes my device is connectet to antenna. I have problem with changing station with steering wheell button. Not changing for the 1 station but only for 0,05MHz. What can i do ? CAN-BUS adapter is original Pioneer, my avto Seat LEon 2011 Thnx
  3. No i save channels manual, is this a problem ? What muss to do, select search BSM ? Thnx
  4. I have CAN-BUS adapter with Pioneer AVIC-F9310BT and Seat Leon 2011. When i wont change the chanel of radio, not get for 1 station, but only for 0,05MHz. How can fix this ?
  5. Hello, This F9310BT runing to Windows CE ? What muss i do to install Garmin on a my radio ? Thnx, MFG
  6. Hello, I need a TTS in Slovenian language. Is this posible ? I can help to translate in to a Slovenian. Please get this ? Thnx
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