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  1. It seems that the post you mentioned now has a solution that looks correct....
  2. You can hook up just the battery power(yellow), accessory power(red) and ground(black) wires to check your unit. You WILL have to have the brain plugged in, also. The unit will NOT power up without it...
  3. jimmy303

    n1 presets

    Which remote are you trying to use? Did it used to work and now it doesn't, or did it never work?
  4. Sorry I have been missing for a while, my 'puter blew up, with my passwords stuck inside, so no e-mail, PM's or AVIC!!!! Glad to be among the living, again....
  5. Defintely looking foward to this idea. But with almost 30,000 members, we're gonna need an organized list of members who are more or less likely to attend: 1. JasonH 2. VBLUE42 3. CatchMeIfYouCan631 4. Thomashohl 5. jimmy303 If anyone else wants to attend, just copy/paste the list, add your name, and post.
  6. It sounds like one of your problems may be having two sources connected to your N2 at the same time. Try ONLY connecting the iPod to the A/V inputs on your N2, and see how that does. Then we can go from there...
  7. You absolutely need to use the antenna that came with the XM tuner. It is a specialized antenna for recieving the XM signals from both the satellites and from land-based tranponders...
  8. Try switching the power antenna output to remote out. It sounds like your amplifier(s) are not turning on...
  9. Your best bet is to send it in for the flex cable repair, and if it turns out that more attention is needed, they will fix those problems and bill you. I haven't heard of it ever going over $200.00, which is chump change compared to a new nav system....
  10. Remember, you cannot go backwards with your NAV updates...., e.i., CD-NV80MT cannot be reversed to a CD-NV70MT, and so forth...
  11. What vehicle is it installed in? What harness/interface did you use?
  12. The side you have already seen should have done the trick. The harnesses may not be interchangeable, but I am not 100% sure of this...
  13. The GPS antennae are a bit delicate, and they do not usually take well to car washes and pressure cleaners. Glad to hear you got fixed up...
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