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  1. Make sure you have the video plug plugged into the brown RCA connector on the radio. that is the back up camera input. For the back up camera wire from the radio to the reverse lights, did you use the ground or power wire on the reverse lights?
  2. Isn't the HD1BT the Bluetooth module?
  3. It should work great....my iPad plays over BT
  4. I have the Z2 (with the Z3 upgrade) and use the cd-btb200. With my iPhone 3G I could use the BT for audio streaming and phone calls. I recently bought a LD Thrill (Droid) and can only use the phone.
  5. I have a 2006 Mustang GT, and am in the middle of a full system upgrade. I replaced the stock 8" subs with Kenwood shallow mount subs. Will no more this weekend as I am at that point of install. So far, you options for shallow mount subs are Pioneer, Kenwood, and Kicker.
  6. I have the Z2 (with the Z3 upgrade) with the CD-BTB200. It worked great with mu iPhone 3G for BT Audio. Switched to an LG Thrill (Droid) and can only do Phone.
  7. My iPhone 3G worked great - BT Audio and Phone My LG Thrill (Droid) - only Phone, no BT Audio
  8. sounds like another satisfied customer!
  9. Looking for a Bat Tumbler computer screen. I have been looking for pics of this and can not find it...might have to break out the movie and get a pic that way.
  10. I do alot of reading here and very little posting. I orginally bought a AVIC D3 unit. But then ran across a AVIC Z2 from a friend for free. I sold my D3 and installed my Z2. After doing some reading I came across garrettoomey's signature in a thread. clicked the link and read some more. I contacted garrettoomey on Friday and we swapped PM's and email a few times. Notified him I would send my Z2 drive out on Monday. He notified me when he recieved it and also notified me that it was done and being shipped back. That is awesome CS! I recieved my HD on Saturday of the same w
  11. Ebay carries them pretty cheap. Sounds like they forgot the Video harness...lol
  12. Pioneer's website shows that the BT box ND-BT1 is used with the Z2. But when I look for it alot of places online show it to be discontinued part. I have looked at eBay, and found a couple. Will the CD-BTB200 work instead of the ND-BT1?
  13. Your right the power connector is cheaper, but looks cheap also and can't really tell if all the right colored wires are there. Just figured I would pay the extra money for something that looks correct.
  14. Mine didn't have the AV harness nor the GPS antenna or the DVD's. But the guy still had it hooked up so I could see it working. Ebay has the AV harness for $50, and the power harness for $35. My power harness seems to have seen better days. I'm installing it in my 2006 Mustang GT, so the Double Din space is not a problem.
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