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  1. that DEFINATELY does not sound right. red is always 12v switched (accessory) in car audio, except when doing rem start/alarms.
  2. just to add... even with factory amps, you need to use blue/white instead of blue.
  3. i tried grabbing vss at my instrument cluster in my audi, which i know is possible in the b6 chassis. it wasnt in my b7. pac adapter makes the canbus adapter
  4. and i doubt they will go through the trouble to connect to a wheel sensor. dont worry, its not unreasonable for them to refuse doing vss with that being the only option. i know i wouldnt bother with it.
  5. i think that vss is going to be canbus, which means you will need an adapter. just make sure the gps antenna is mounted in a visible location so that it can get a good sat signal. under hardware check the gps connection, you should always have at least 4. without vss the nav will be off by a few feet, but without buying the canbus adapter, theres no other choice. this is how it is in my 06 audi a4, until i finally get the adapter. dimmer should be no issue for them to correct.
  6. didnt take a pic. it looked like it had been soldered previously and the solder had been picked off.
  7. hey all. customer brought in a refurb n2 today. did the parking brake and solder bypass but once you drove, the bypass wouldnt work. any ideas? also, the soldering points were pretty far apart on this unit. thanks
  8. id do the d3, hook up a video ipod and call it a day.
  9. resolution is typical. as far as distrortion, its nothing different than a wide screen television.
  10. ::borat voice:: very nice! ill maka sexi tyme
  11. shouldnt you be putting the reverse camera switch to a 12v source?
  12. feel like centering an audi logo in the 2nd and 3rd from bottom left on page 2? issa appreciates it.
  13. yah, you can expect that anywhere. we charge an extra 25 across the board. avic intall goes here for about 200 IF its bought from us
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