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  1. Considering upgrading from Z3.. wire harness compatability?

    grrr, ok then. Well, at least everything else is already installed. Should be able to use the same GPS receiver and vehicle sensing wire I hope.
  2. I'm considering upgrading from the AVIC Z3 to the Z110BT (might even buy 2). My question is about the wire harness. Are they easily interchangeable, or will I have to install a new harness?
  3. I'm trying to figure out how to connect the HTC EVO to my Z3. Yes I know it's not out until June 4, but the connections are already known. Can anyone confirm if the BTB200 works on the Z3? That would be awesome if it did. Then I could stream music via BT (I think) Open to suggestions, because I don't like just using the RCA inputs for audioo (and the EVO's video out is Mini HDMI)