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Alright for all you non-believers saying that xvid and divx are "totally different codecs" (coocho, powa) here are step by step instructions to get your D3 to play Xvid, no re-encoding of any kind necessary. And it only takes a second.

1) If you already have the xvid codec installed, look inside your C:\Program Files\Xvid folder for AviC.exe. If you don't have it, you can get it here.


2) Run Avic.exe (aka Nic's FourCC changer) and load the divx file you want to make "compatible" Change the drop down menus to look like this:




3) Hit Apply and that's it! Now burn the file(s) to a disc and it should play fine!

Note: I've only tested burning to DVD-R using the "UDF" preset in Nero. Not sure what other presets will work.


Q: What exactly is happening here? Why does this work?

A: Unlike what some may tell you, Divx, Xvid, 3ivx are NOT that different. They all essentially use the format called MPEG-4 ASP. They are just different implementations of it. Each format has a unique code (called FourCC) which identifies it. Unfortunately, many standalone "Divx Certified" players "block" the Xvid code due to legal/licensing issues. The AVIC-D3 is one of them. What you're essentially doing is tricking the player into thinking the file is "Divx Certified"


Q: Does this work with AC3 audio?

A: I have not tested Xvid/Divx files with AC3 audio on the D3 yet. When I have more time, I'll do more extensive testing.


Q: Does this work on a Mac?

A: Unfortunately there is no similar utility for the Mac. You can, however, change the FourCC in a file using a Hex editor. I will post a tutorial if there's enough demand for it here.

That's all! Let me know how it works out.

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that would be great if it can play Xvid, so bascially everytime if i have an Xvid video, i load up the program and have it do the little trick, then burn it right? that's just amazing yo

That's right. As you can see, the poster above you already got it to work using my instructions.

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Sweet "fix", Thanks.


Mine doesn't have the same options in the drop-down as yours, but I guess I will just have to test using the options I have to find a combo that works.


I have the Divx, but not the DX50 :(

You can just type in what you need into the box, no need to use drop downs :)

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