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New car battery.System is asking for password?

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On 10/19/2016 at 2:35 PM, laika said:


No it would not have killed me. Whats up with the aggression?

I did not go in to details since it seems to be kept a secret how to remove the password. The user that helped me got his gratitude in a private message.

How do I get that help also?? I'm in desperate need of help

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I downloaded the .rar file,  decompressed it and copied the files to a 8 GB USB stick.  I had previously wiped the stick and reformatted it.  I'm using a Mac.  I formatted the USB stick first time as MS-DOS, tried it, nada.  Went back and reformatted the stick as ex-FAT, put the files back on it, checked to make sure they copied over.  Deck still did not recognize the stick.  Now in my case, the deck (NEX 4201) was installed with a USB dongle out to the glove box from port 1.  I have used this connection before to update firmware, and it works fine.  However, in this case, the deck did not see the USB stick, or to be precise, the deck did not go into 'factory service mode.'   I've rooted other Android devices so the process is not completely foreign to me.  Any suggestions?

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