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  1. Thats the bad part, I don't remember which car it was. You can't switch it back, because it crashes every bootup.
  2. Hey brother, I tried switching vehicles, and unfortunately I've found an issue. After I rebooted, now it crashes when you try to go into NAV. It says OUT OF MEMORY and shows something about a cache. If you click ok, it reboots. If you click the ipod you can still get into the ipod section but no more nav. I figured maybe I can trash my user preferences if I can figure out how to to that, or just reinstall the whole mod.
  3. Nevermind I found the post about the trip computer. Thanks for the awesome mod man.
  4. Sorry if this was previously covered, posting from my phone on a road trip. Is there a way to get rid of the trip computer nag? Awesome mod by the way. My issue before was a corrupt sd card.
  5. Agreed, although I'm not sure what could be causing those problems with it not loading files.

    Update: I thought I was good, but something is still f'd up. Everything works most of the time, but I'm not sure what happened during the file copy or update because when I press HISTORY under navigation, a "windows" window pops up and says it cannot open some file and the application terminates. Stupid thing is it only happens sometimes, other times history works fine. Also, I tried to set a route yesterday and out of the blue it crashed with a different window that said that some file about 'exit numbers' or something couldn't be loaded and it crashed again the same way. Right after that it worked on a different route.
  7. Model: F90BT Devices Connected (XM, iPod, etc) : Two different model IPODS AV Source (if playing) during issue: None Action that caused the issue (pressed button, search, etc): Booting up Was GPS routing? (yes/no) no Was BlueTooth active? If yes, what device? no Anything else you would like to add: IPOD's aren't recognized 50% of the time when you bootup. You have to disconnect and reconnect them.
  8. Also, do we leave the scheme files zipped?
  9. Hello, this looks lika an awesome mod, but I have a question. I upgraded to 3.1 with the FX mod but I am having errors with it. What happens if I try to use your mod with the 3.1 firmware? Should I reflash to 3.0?
  10. FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

    Hey brother, thank you for creating this, however I do have a question. I thought everything was working great, but the first time I pressed the "HISTORY" button, it crashed with an error that it could not load a certain file in some folder. Next thing that happened is I tried to map a route and it crashed again and said it couldn't load another file, something about the exit numbers. Any ideas?

    Just wanted to give a huge thank you to this fix. It worked for me whereas nothing else would. My unit was stuck on a reboot right after the pioneer splash screen. There is an easier way to do this though. You don't need three SD cards, you can do this all from one SD Card. I have a 16gb generic SDHC card that works fine. It has the WinCE update on it, test mode, and also the contents of the myflashdisk and I did the whole process with just this. 1) Reflashed/upgraded WINCE through the service menu. 2) Reboot into test mode with same SD Card. 3) Unmounted and deleted the myflashdisk partition. 4) Created new partition called part00 and formatted it. 5) Copied contents from the SD card myflashdisk to the one on the unit. 6) Rebooted and the infinite loop was gone.
  12. IDT skin#2 v3.0 12/30/10 (download link updated)

    i'll post the update later, too many thing going on right now and haven't had a chance to do anything else, Is there a file we can edit to fix it, if that will save you some time.
  13. What was the fix for the street names? I see you said auto zoom but I have no clue how to set that.
  14. F700-900BT 3.0 upgrade torrent dead

    Dude, if you got it from someone else, seed it. It's only fair. I'll seed it for a couple weeks if someone will please seed it now.
  15. A lot of people need the 3.0 upgrade but no one is seeding it anymore. Can someone send it to me so I can seed? PM me or answer here and we'll figure out a way to get it to me, then I'll seed it as I have a fast connection.