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  1. so far i have not found a 30 pin to bluetooth adapter that will work with the ipod controller keep getting error
  2. silly question but does any one have the capability to put this into disc format that i can put into Z like pioneer upgrade disc that are not available anymore lol i have 4 Z radios all need newest mapping and I dont want to pull drives and mess up any of them I would love easiest solution thanks in advance...
  3. little late but did you ever get this idea rolling
  4. ok so I received a SPDA01 the previous owner tried to upgrade sofware did it wrong now radio just reboots anyone had this problem and A solution greatly appreciatted
  5. any luck for the da100 mine is bricked in the boot loop after friend tried the upgrade incorrectly
  6. best solution for bluetooth audio is the BT200 works great for audio
  7. canbus adapter gives all needed reverse and speed pulse for radio install and remote start features if aneeded metraonline.com
  8. has any one put a bigger screen on one of these for front display
  9. bought a 7000tv sold the d1 trying to put bigger screen on my avm 8000tuner cant find a rgb conversion to display osd wen in video mode for front source
  10. does any body know if the 7000tv will convert all osd display to the rca video out? and does it have a standard rca video out for the front out also want to hook it up to a avm-p8000 tuner for a bigger main monitor
  11. before you cut the cables on the 7000 would you consider a trade for a newer tuner that has the avbus and ip in and out
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